VMware & Google Modernize Desktops on Campus for the Mobile Cloud Era

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Join this webcast to see how moving virtual desktops to a cloud-hosted service model—instead of an internally deployed and managed data center—is helping educational institutions realize all the promised benefits of desktop virtualization-centralized management.

This webcast will discuss ways you can:

  • Use Chromebooks and DaaS for virtual labs, disaster recovery, mobile computing, departmental employees and BYOD support;
  • Transition users to the cloud and enable mobility by accessing legacy Windows desktops and apps from Chromebooks;
  • Allows student and staff to seamlessly connect to virtual desktops and apps from Chromebooks;
  • Provide anytime-anywhere from any device access to Google docs, apps, data and Windows desktops through the cloud;
  • Circumvent the traditional desktop replacement TCO model with a cost effective, cloud ready endpoint: Chromebooks;
  • Cut purchasing and operations costs with a single solution for cloud and legacy windows apps;
  • Reduce Windows licensing costs, enhance security with desktop centralization and increase manageability by centralizing policy management through DaaS.

Duration: 1 HR

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