Security Rivals? The Value of Measuring & Comparing Network Security Performance in Education

Colleges have their rivals on the football field and in the classrooms, but how do they fare in security performance? Join Stephen Boyer, CTO and Co-Founder of BitSight Technologies, and Rebecca Sandlin, CIO of Roanoke College, for a spirited webcast looking at key security performance metrics across the different athletic conferences, and a discussion about why security benchmarking is so significant in education.

Join Roanoke College and Bitsight for an informative webcast presentation to learn:
  • The unique challenges higher education faces in securing their networks and how benchmarking can help
  • Why performance varies across the industry and how that translates into actionable intelligence for security teams
  • How Security Ratings are enabling Roanoke College to gain tremendous insights about security strategy and performance issues that they can share with their board

Register now and find out who has earned the bragging rights as the most secure college athletic conference on the field!

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