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GameChanger: From Bad IT to Service Excellence: White Paper

What are the signs of a bad on-campus IT operation? Maybe people don’t know where to turn when they need IT services? If they don’t quickly find what they need on the IT department’s Web site, they may give up or make their own work-around. Maybe it’s that staff members approach assignments as if they’re on hamster wheels, racing from task to task as if everything is top priority. Download this informative GameChanger to learn how many campuses are transforming their on-campus IT from putting out fires to successfully planning ahead.

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Snapshot: Effective Tools For Student Engagement: White Paper

There is perhaps no better example of the success of technology in the classroom than student response devices. Clickers, as they are more commonly called, are a time-honored and highly effective method of increasing student engagement in the classroom. Download this exclusive Snapshot to learn how new clicker technologies are enhancing today's classroom.

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Case Study: A Test of Their Integrity: White Paper

To assure exam integrity in their online program, Vanderbilt School of Nursing took an efficient, cost-effective approach, leveraging technology to administer proctored exams online conveniently, scalably and securely.

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Predictive Analytics Solutions for Education: White Paper

Educational institutions at every level are facing demands for greater accountability for what students learn and for managing costs and other resources more effectively. Meeting these challenges involves making a host of operational decisions every day, as well as being smarter about strategic decisions around the student life cycle. Download this white paper to learn how predictive analytics bridge the gap between data analysis, predictive insights and improved outcomes, empowering educators and administrators to be smarter about leveraging data to improve the student life-cycle and reach institutional objectives.