How to Cut VDI Storage Costs and Optimize Performance with VERDE Technology


The need for costly storage solutions—and lots of it—is a significant challenge to desktop virtualization. Read this whitepaper to examine a unique and innovative approach to caching that dramatically reduces network traffic to optimize storage, boost performance and cut costs.

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Compared to a standard, physical desktop infrastructure, desktop virtualization offers reduced management complexity, better desktop control, superior data security and lower infrastructure costs. However, these highly desirable benefits are not always enough to offset the drawbacks inherent in most current desktop virtualization solutions.

One of the largest drawbacks of conventional VDI implementations is storage inefficiency. Traditional desktop virtualization solutions require large amounts of tier 1 storage, which is costly to purchase and complex to manage, which makes large-scale VDI deployments too expensive and slow to be practical. Read this whitepaper to learn about the technology that overcomes this drawback.

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