Academic Analytics: Business Intelligence for Higher Education


Learn how colleges and universities are adopting analytics to recruit and retain students, as well as improve the quality of teaching and learning.

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More and more, education stakeholders are measuring the success of an institution in terms of graduation rates. And with recruiting costs surpassing $2,000 per student, colleges and universities today are under intense pressure to not only recruit students who are more likely to graduate, but also to identify at-risk students early in order to provide them with the necessary outreach. In response to these expectations, schools are now looking to the business community for new solutions.

Predictive modeling in education enables institutions to capitalize on historic enrollment trends, identifying behaviors and characteristics of past successful applicants and allowing them to target prospective students who are most likely to progress from enrollment through graduation.

Download Campus Technology’s latest report, Academic Analytics: Business Intelligence For Higher Education, and learn not only how colleges and universities are adopting analytics to recruit and retain their students, but also the barriers they face and how they are overcoming them.

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