FETC Virtual Conference & Expo '09 Sponsors and Exhibitors

Gold Sponsors

Dell, Inc.:  Dell is committed to helping students develop 21st century skills, including learning and thinking, information and communications technology literacy and life skills.

SMART Technologies, Inc.:  SMART Technologies invented the touch-sensitive SMART Board interactive whiteboard in 1991.  Their intuitive technology products are now transforming learning in over 100 countries, for 20 million students.

thawte:  thawte is a leading global Certification Authority offering a complete range of digital certificate products that add trust, integrity and privacy to all Internet transactions.

Silver Sponsor

Canon:  Cannon offers discounted education pricing for the world-leading, high quality Digital Camera, Digital SLR systems, High Definition Camcorders, and Multifunctional Printers needed to educate our future.


  • 21st Century Classrooms by CIM Technology Solutions.  Learn how to equip educators and engage students with research-proven 21st century education tools like TeleParent, response systems, and wireless interactive tables. 
  • Alertnow is a leading rapid communication service delivering exceptional 24/7/365 customer support featuring tools that increase parental involvement and safety.
  • ANOTO penPresenter combines digital pen technology with PowerPoint to allow you to make mark-ups and sketches on presentations in read time.
  • Brainchild offers Achiever! award-winning online assessment and Study Buddy handheld tutors that give students lots of extra instruction to master state standards and assure that schools make AYP.
  • Discovery Education produces and distributes high-quality digital resources in easy-to-use formate in all core-curricular subject areas.  Through solutions like Discovery Education streaming, Discovery Education Science, Discovery Education Health and more, Discovery Education helps over one million educators and 35 million students harness the power of broadband and media to connect to a world of learning.
  • Follett Software offers proven software and service solutions designed to help district manage instructional resources and other assets effectively and us the power of data to make decisions that impact achievement.
  • GradeCam by CIM Technology offers software works with a camera to grade tests and post scores, providing teachers with a powerful classroom formative assessment and paper management tools.
  • Marshal8e6, a leading provider of web and email security solutions for education, provide IT administrators the tools they need to keep students safe, protect the network, and ensure AUP and regulatory compliance.
  • United Data Technologies designs, builds and delivers service unique IT solutions with enhanced quality systems that integrate current IT systems with the newest technology.

Save the Date for FETC's Fall Virtual Conference and Expo 
October 22, 2009 

FETC would like to thank the following sponsors for their participation in FETC's Spring Virtual Conference.

Gold Sponsors




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