FETC Virtual Conference & Expo Presentations

Emerging Interactive Media: What to Use, When, and How?

Chris Dede, Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Over the past few years, the array of free interactive media communities use to create and share knowledge has greatly expanded. The menu for classroom use now includes writers’ workshops and fanfiction, online discussion forums, wikis, mashups, photo/video sharing, social networking sites, blogs, podcasts, social bookmarking and collaborative social change sites. This session will present education-related examples of each and how we can use these media for teaching/learning.

Digital Survival Kit: Empowering the 21st Century Educational Leader

Howie DiBlasi, Retired Chief Information Officer, Durango Schools

Understanding the 21st century skills necessary to transform the role of educational technology, as well as laying out a blueprint for technology leadership and action is the future. This session will help leaders strengthen school district leadership and communication, infuse 21st century skills into the curriculum, create engaging learning environments and support professional development.

Students “Speak Up” about 21st Century Learning and Education Games

Julie Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Project Tomorrow (www.tomorrow.org)

What if students were asked to imagine the ultimate online game for learning? Speak Up did just that! In this session, Julie will share the innovative ideas of over 319,000 K-12 students. Attendees will hear ideas gathered from a panel of student experts, and learn about the latest Speak Up research based on responses from students, educators and parents on the value of educational gaming.

The 21st Century Web: Beyond the 2.0 Tools

John Kuglin, Chief Information Officer, Eagle County Schools

To be effective today, teachers must utilize tools that stimulate, motivate and challenge students. Space, Web, Infrastructure and Media (S.W.I.M.) all represent systems. When combined properly, these tools will foster the 21st century learning skills that are essential for our children’s success in the emerging global workplace. Students today are the generation destined to compete in a completely global workforce. This presentation demonstrates the latest technological developments. It takes you beyond just using the tools and into the development of the systems that will foster student achievement and innovation—to a 21st century world where the traditional boundaries of time and distance have been erased!

Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck: Key Considerations for a Successful Technology Rollout and ROI

Mel Pace, Director of Media and Instructional Technology, Osceola County School District, Florida, Jennifer Brown King, Assistant Professor of Education, Director of the Educational Technology Center, Florida Southern College , Bruce Ellis, Director of Instructional Technology, Dallas Independent School District, Texas, Anju Visen-Singh, Senior Manager, Education Marketing, SMART Technologies
Sponsored by SMART Technologies

Your ROI and your students' success depends on getting things right on the front end. The complex logistics of a big classroom technology rollout can be daunting, especially when you consider that the implementation stage will have a huge impact on your return on investment over the subsequent years. This complimentary one-hour session features real-world advice from administrators who have successfully implemented classroom technology systems on a large scale. You’ll learn how to set priorities, boost ROI and create a technology-enabled environment.

Crossing the Threshold to the Future of Learning

Mark Weston, Education Strategist, Dell Inc., Rick German, President, Stoneware,Kathy Rains, Director of Technology, Madison City Schools, John Orbaugh, Director of Technology, Tyler ISD, TX, Matt Villano, Moderator
Sponsored by Dell, Inc.

As an education leader, you face many challenges. You want to enhance learning. You want to harness the power of technology. You want to do it all while facing budget constraints. It is daunting. We get it. That is why, in this session we present a revolutionary solution that many districts around the country—including the Avon Community Schools—are implementing. The solution reduces the costs of managing end-user computers, supports equal access to technology, and affords real-time and remote access to students, educators, and parents. It involves shifting functionality from the device to the network or cloud via a webNetwork and NetBooks. Come learn how this powerful, yet affordable approach can change learning forever.

Wireless N: WiFi Finally Delivers on the Promise

Brent Williams, Ed Tech Specialist, Kennesaw State University

WiFi has been around for over 10 years now with mixed results in schools. Finally with Wireless N, WiFi delivers on the promise of speed, reliability, flexibility and security. This session provides an opportunity to get familiar with the technology and implementation issues. Wireless N is in the future, don't miss this session!

Impact of the Federal Stimulus Package on Districts and Schools – A Panel Discussion

Mary Ann Wolf, Executive Director of the State Educational Technology Directors Association, Kate Kemker, Director of Technology and Learning Innovation for the Florida Department of Education, Ann McMullan, Executive Director Educational Technology, Klein Independent School District, Texas, and Geoff Fletcher, Editorial Director, T.H.E. Journal, Moderator

This panel will provide at least three perspectives on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), also known as the stimulus package. Mary Ann Wolf and Geoff Fletcher will provide the latest information about the ARRA funds, including technology money, and Title I money. Kate Kemker will describe one state’s approach to using the ARRA money and compare that to other states. And, Ann McMullan will describe how one district is working across department lines to use the money most effectively. The panelists will be answering questions from FETC Virtual participants.

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