Campus Technology 2009 Speakers

Eric Alvarado

Eric Alvarado has been working with Academic Technologies at The George Washington University for over five years. He currently serves as the Director of Academic Technologies.

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John Arpino

John P. Arpino, a 2004 graduate of the George Washington University's School of Engineering and Applied Science, majored in electrical and computer engineering. He is currently enrolled in the MBA program at the School of Business, and has been working for Academic Technologies for several years. He currently serves as the Manager of Audiovisual Development and Engineering, Academic Technologies.

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Hap Aziz

In October, 2007, Hap Aziz took on the role of Director of the School of Technology and Design for Rasmussen College. He supervises the programs in information technology, digital design, animation, and game design. From 1999 to 2007, Hap was with SunGard Higher Education as the Director of Web Development Services, where he worked with colleges and universities worldwide on their web presence needs. Before joining SunGard, he was the Director of the Digital Design and Game Design programs at Full Sail; Hap created Full Sail's Game Design Program in 1997. Hap has been an instructor at Rollins College, the University of Central Florida, Valencia Community College, and Rasmussen College.

Hap's life prior to higher education was in software development and computer game design, having created best-selling software for the Amiga line of computers. From 1997 to 1999, Hap served on the Board of Directors for the Computer Game Developers' Association. With his background in Artificial Intelligence, Hap is fascinated by the relationship between natural language parsing, play, and learning—and he is convinced that people learn best when they play. Hap has his Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Rollins College and his Master’s in Instructional Technology and Distance Education from Nova Southeastern University. Currently Hap is in the doctoral program for Education Technology at the University of Florida.

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Yordanos Baharu

Yordanos Baharu has been working at the George Washington University for over 15 years. He currently serves as the Director of the Instructional Technology Lab, and oversees the administration of Blackboard at GWU. He is the lead in the development of various faculty tools within the Blackboard environment that integrate outside systems such as iTunes U.

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Josh Baron

As Director of Academic Technology and eLearning at Marist College, Mr. Baron is responsible for overseeing a wide range of instructional technology initiatives, including distance learning, faculty professional development, and learner support. He also plays a leadership role in strategic planning for the College in areas of academic and information technology. Mr. Baron was elected to the Sakai Foundation Board of Directors in 2008 and is also a member of the Education Dynamics Advisory Board. Before coming to Marist, Mr. Baron was the Associate Director of Instructional Technology at Stevens Institute of Technology. In this capacity, he helped lead a $10 million U.S. Department of Education technology initiative working both at the K-12 and college level. He was also a member for the Stevens Web Campus initiative and developed one of the first Stevens online graduate courses. Mr. Baron has presented at numerous higher education and K-12 conference including EDUCAUSE, NECC, Sloan-C, League of Innovation CIT, and the International Sakai conferences. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering and holds a Master of Arts degree (online) in Educational Technology Leadership form George Washington University.

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Doug Baruchin

Director of Operations, Myworkstercom, professional networking and career development portal for colleges and universities throughout the country.

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Trent Batson

Trent Batson's career has included time as a professor of English, followed by serving as the Director of Academic Computing at two universities, and currently he is co-leading the Web2ePortfolio initiative. He is Editor of Campus Technology's Web 2.0 Newsletter, and he has been a national IT leader for 23 years. His most recent appointment was in the Office of Educational Innovation and Technology at MIT.

Trent was Chair of the Board of the Open Source Portfolio Initiative (OSP), now a featured tool within Sakai. Since 1985, he has directed seven major grant projects involving consortia of institutions. In 2000, he worked for WebCT; at URI, he developed the URI Web Development Group while he was Director of Information and Instructional Technology Services.

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Joseph Bocchiario III

Joseph Bocchiaro III, Ph.D., AStd, CTS-D, CTS-I, ISF-C, is the Director of the InfoComm Performance Standards Program. This program administers the development of audiovisual systems standards. He previously was an InfoComm Academy Senior Staff Instructor. With 25 years in the industry, Joe has worked as an audiovisual design consultant with Constantin Walsh-Lowe, LLC and Electro-Media Design, Ltd. Prior to this, he was Vice President of Media Technologies and Senior Engineer with the New Jersey systems integration firm A.V. Services, Inc.

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Ann Boland

Ann Boland is the Managing Partner of OHE Associates. She has over 30 years of experience in adult training, development and education. Ann previously served as President of Integrated Learning Solutions, consulting with companies such as Second City Communications, Video Arts and Performance Express among others. She was COO of PBS The Business Channel in Alexandria, VA, and has led Video Arts USA, the John Cleese training program company for 11 years. Prior to that, she was with Systems Corporation for nine years.

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Joseph Bonchi

Joe Bonchi is Assistant Director of Instructional Support Services at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Though the focus of the department is to support classroom instruction on the campus, his department also assists instructors with integrating technology. At NJIT, Joseph managed the implementation of smart classrooms in 1998, and currently supports the 80% of NJIT classrooms that are technology-enabled. He has 18 years of campus instructional support experience, seven years in corporate conference support services, and has been an InfoComm member since 1985. Joe is a graduate of Rutgers University and a member of the Infocomm Technology Managers Council.

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Joseph Brennan

Joseph Brennan is the Director of Media and Classroom Services at Pomona College. He oversees the media technology design and support in approximately 100 learning spaces. These spaces include seminar rooms, large auditoriums, classrooms, computer labs and two videoconferencing facilities. Recent projects include the implementation of a standard controls package campus wide, the installation of a head end system in a language intensive dorm, upgrades to a gymnasium sound system, a technology refresh of eleven classrooms and the design of sixteen new learning spaces. Joseph is also a recording engineer with national releases on the Harminicorde, Smithsonian Press, and Bridge record labels. Joseph holds a B.A In music composition from CSU San Bernardino and a MFA in music composition from the California Institute of the Arts.

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Pamela Brennan

Pamela Brennan is the Senior Associate Director of Operations for Undergraduate Admissions at Northeastern University, located in Boston, Massachusetts. Pamela has 16 years experience in Admissions operations at NU and has served on several system implementation teams including Northeastern’s Mainframe restructure, PeopleSoft, Recruitment Plus, DARS and most recently Banner. Pamela was the project manager during the 2005 implementation of the paperless admissions system, FolderWave, and imaging system DataBank IMX. Pamela is also in her third year serving on the Common Application advisory committee. Pamela has spent several years supporting and providing consulting for colleges and universities that are moving towards a paperless system. Pamela is a graduate of Northeastern University.

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Janice Butler

Janice Butler is an Assistant Professor in the Educational Technology graduate program at the University of Texas at Brownsville. Prior to moving to the university, she taught in public schools for seventeen years; four at a middle school and thirteen in high school. She continues to believe technology is a critical force in educational reform at all levels, and at the university, she strongly supports technology integration into K-20 curriculum. Also interested in the ability of low-threshold applications to overcome teachers’ resistance to learning technology, she provides workshops for K-12 educators, university faculty and students in the field of education. During her first three years at the university, she developed two online graduate courses and overhauled five others. Her current research interests include digital storytelling as well as the use of Web 2.0 collaboration tools to bring social presence and immediacy to the online environment through webinars, wikis and more. Janice encourages and trains faculty in the School of Education in transitioning from face-to-face courses to the development of vibrant, interactive and engaging online content using a variety of Web 2.0 tools. In addition, she has presented at workshops and conferences at the state, national and international level on a variety of Web 2.0 technologies.

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Bill Campman

Bill has worked in the technology field for over 20 years. Most of his career has been spent working in higher education and the support of students, faculty and staff. Bill was Vice President and General manager for Weisco Computers Inc. in Central Florida. Weisco supported both higher education and K12 school districts. While at Weisco, Bill grew the company from 5 employees to 35. Bill has been a CIO for the past 8 years. For the past three years Bill has been Vice President for Information Technology at Tallahassee Community College. Bill has a wife, Tracey and three children, Tanya, David and Zoe.

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Jessica Caron

Jessica Caron is a Instructional Technology Specialist with the Academic Technology Center at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He primary role is to support faculty members in the design, development and delivery of technology-based solutions for the purpose of enhancing teaching and learning. She has supported student collaboration technologies, and laboratory and distance learning at WPI. She holds a B.S. in Biology from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a M.S. in Biotechnology from Worcester State College.

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Steve E. Carson

Stephen Carson is External Relations Director for MIT OpenCourseWare ( His responsibilities include sustainability initiatives; strategic partnerships with other organizations; MIT OCW's support of opencourseware projects at other institutions; special projects in priority areas; and project evaluation. Stephen is currently serving as the first president of the OpenCourseWare Consortium.

Prior to joining the MIT OCW team, Stephen served as Associate Director of Emerson College's Division of Continuing Education in Boston, where - in addition to managing core academic activities of the division - he developed and taught Emerson's first asynchronous, Web-based distance learning course. Stephen earned his MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College, and taught creative and expository writing there for five years.

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Jeff Cepull

Jeff is the Chief Information Officer and VP of Information Resources at Philadelphia University.

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Jaime Chambron

Jaime Chambron is an entrepreneur, visionary leader and public speaker for global software, internet and services firms. She has made it a business to make tidal waves. From creating a multi-million dollar services business to turning around a non-profit, she has learned that it’s about seizing the right opportunity, jumping in cold turkey and positively moving those around her to begin the tidal wave. Her hard work and dedication to her passions has opened amazing doors for her to lead and motivate others to excellence, including the opportunities to introduce President Bill Clinton at a White House Rose Garden ceremony and complete a degree in Computer Science at Harvard University.

Today Jaime is the General Manager of Systems Integration Consulting Practices for SunGard Higher Education. She joined SunGard in 2006 to create this new division, where she educates her clients on how to use technology to become, what she has coined, “Service-Oriented Institutions.” She also runs a private company which produces Impact Oceans – an information source and consultancy that helps individuals become better leaders, public speakers and entrepreneurs. Jaime has been noted as one of the 25 most important women in technology in Texas and California by Tech Magazine and was a finalist for the 2006 Tech Titan community hero award for her volunteer work with the Alliance of Technology and Women (ATW).

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Helen Chen

Helen L. Chen is a Research Scientist at the Stanford Center for Innovations in Learning (SCIL) within the Human-Sciences and Technologies Advanced Research Institute (H-STAR). She is a founding member and co-facilitator of Electronic Portfolio Action and Communication (EPAC), and a member of the national advisory board for the Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education (VALUE) project directed by the Association of American Colleges and Universities. Helen's current research interests focus on the use of ePortfolios to facilitate teaching, learning, and assessment for students, faculty, departments and institutions. She also explores the affordances of social software tools for the design and evaluation of innovative learning spaces to support collaborative learning in face-to-face and distributed environments.

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Steve Corbató

Steve Corbató is the Director of Cyberinfrastructure Strategic Initiatives in the University of Utah’s Office of Information Technology. In this capacity, he oversees the extension of the University’s cyberinfrastructure to support best-in-class IT-enabled research, including computational capabilities, data storage and curation, advanced networking, middleware, visualization, software and manpower development.

Dr. Corbató was most recently the Associate Director of the Scientific Computing and Imaging (SCI) Institute on the University of Utah campus. From 2000 to 2006, he held several national networking leadership roles at Internet2, a consortium led by universities working in partnership with industry and government to develop and deploy advanced network applications and technologies. While at Internet2, he oversaw the Abilene Network, which provided high-performance network connectivity to over 220 US research universities, and also established FiberCo, a non-profit holding company for acquiring optical networking assets for higher education.

Previously at the University of Washington, Seattle, Dr. Corbató worked on the development of the Pacific Northwest Gigapop regional network and the Washington State K-20 Network. He also has served as a board member of National LambdaRail, Inc. (NLR).

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Cameron Cox

Cameron Cox has been associated with publishing and educational technology for the past 20 years. His background includes experience in print, CD-ROM, DVD and online product development. In his capacity as Director of Marketing at INTELECOM, he oversaw the successful launch, marketing and distribution of the acclaimed English as a Second Language television series Crossroads Café. Currently, Cameron is a Vice President at INTELECOM with primary responsibility for the organization’s marketing and member services functions. He holds a BA degree in Communication from the University of California at San Diego.

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James Craig

Dr. James F. Craig is a Professor in the Department of Health Promotion and Policy and an educational consultant in the Office of Information Technology at the Dental School. He has been in the field of instructional technology for forty one years, thirty-seven of which have been in dental education. He achieved his bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University and his master’s and doctorate from Indiana University. His primary area of concentration was Instructional Design and Development with minors in Adult Education and Radio and Television. He has designed or produced hundreds of instructional programs ranging from slide-tapes, programmed texts, instructional manuals, television programs, computer based education and interactive-videodisc applications (including three editions of "The Generic Dental Disc"). He has numerous publications and has taught at all levels from elementary to postgraduate education. He works to integrate technology into the curriculum through assisting faculty in the use of technology-based instruction including Blackboard, Mediasite and Questionmark.

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Deb Cunningham

Deb plans and oversees management of all operations within advancement services, including the information technology, programming services, data services and research departments. Deb has 25 years of experience in higher education. Prior to joining the Foundation in 2007, she was senior counsel at SunGard Higher Education in Waltham, Mass. She also previously held senior development and advancement positions at Harvard University, Harvard Graduate School of Business and the University of Vermont. Deb earned a bachelor’s degree from Mount Holyoke College and an M.B.A. from the University of Vermont.

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Lance Cunningham

Lance Cunningham is the Director of Video Solutions in the Office of Information Technology at the University of Minnesota. OIT Video Solutions' mission is to transform video services at UMN and provide system wide tools, resources and support for video conferencing, streaming, production, as well as storage and delivery of user generated content. Lance has worked at UMN for over seven years, and is currently pursuing is MBA at the Carlson School of Management (UMN). His undergraduate degree is in Scientific and Technical Communication.

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Rick Dearborn

As a college professor, consultant, broadcaster and writer, Rick has worked with cutting edge media for over 30 years. Rick holds an MS in Mass Communications, and a BS in Physics. He has worked in radio and television broadcasting, film, corporate communication, and media education. He has worked in Chicago, Boston, New York and St. Louis, and he was Chair of the Mass Communication Department at Principia College. He has consulted to some of the largest communications companies in the United States, and holds two licenses with the Federal Communications Commission. He is currently Director of Internet Radio at Principia College. More information can be viewed at

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Erin DeSilva

As an Instructional Technology Specialist at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Erin DeSilva provides outreach to the WPI Community to familiarize them with academic and instructional technologies and services. She also supports multimedia projects by working with faculty and students to identify appropriate hardware and software to meet their needs, and assisting with coursework in WPI's Movie Lab and Tech Suites.

Although her original degree is a B.S. in Biology from Simmons College, Erin has been in a science and technology education environment for the past 10 years in a variety of settings. Her experience includes teaching high school and educational programming in at the Museum of Science in Boston. As a PBS affiliate in Toledo, Ohio, she worked with teachers at all levels to assist with the integration of technology in the classroom. Erin has created programs designed to enhance technical competency and student achievement and produced a variety of multimedia curriculum.

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Jose Elias Arcelles

Painting studies in the Faculty of Art and Communications in the School of Postgraduate of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. Teaching staff of the Painting section in the Faculty of Art of the Pontifical Catholic University of the Peru and the Academic Department of Statistic, Demography, Humanities and Social Sciences of the Faculty of Sciences and Philosophy “Alberto Cazorla Talleri” of the Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia. Charter member and investigating of AXIS Art - PUCP disciplinary group of investigation applied in art and design of the Faculty of Art and member and investigating of Avatar- PUCP group of Second Life of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. Individual and collective exhibitions in Peru, El Salvador, South\'s Korea and Germany.

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Ines Evaristo Chiyong

Ines Evaristo is an educational psychologist with a degree in learning and teaching in distance education; and is currently developing his thesis for his master's degree in educational policy. It has been a consultant for the Ministry of Education of Peru, and for public and private institutions linked to research and experimentation to develop alternative models of learning in young people and adults. Has specialized in assessing learning and projects. To date, is part of the institutional evaluation team's PUCP and coordinator and investigating of Avatar- PUCP group.

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Joan Falkenberg Getman

Joan Getman is the Senior Strategist for Learning Technologies at Cornell University.  Her goal is alignment of services with best practices, and current and emerging technologies.  She does strategic planning for pilots, conducts evaluations and communicates findings that inform new directions and services.  Joan cultivates partnerships across CIT and campus and facilities faculty exploration of innovations in teaching with technology.  She also reaches beyond camps, identifying opportunities for exploration and representing Cornell in several national forums.  Joan has a M.S. in Communication and Instructional Design and a B.A. in Film and Psychology.

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Camille Fangue

Camille Fangue began her career in Information Technology at Metro State as a student employee in Technology Training.

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Michael Feldstein

Michael Feldstein is Principal Product Manager for Academic Enterprise Solutions (formerly Academic Enterprise Initiative) at Oracle. Prior to joining Oracle, Feldstein was an Assistant Director at the SUNY Learning Network, where he oversaw blended learning faculty development and was part of the leadership team for the learning management system (LMS) platform migration efforts of this 40-campus program. He has been involved in eLearning for 13 years and with education for his entire adult life. Feldstein is the author of the e-Literate blog and is a participant in the IMS Global Learning Consortium, including serving as a member of its Learning Technology Advisory Counsel (LTAC).

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Yvonne Flood

In a career at Metro State that now spans 28 years, Yvonne Flood started in 1979 as a program assistant in the Health Career Science Program, later moving to the Dean’s Office in what was then the School of Science and Math, and then to the Institute of Women’s Studies and Services.

Flood managed the president’s office for 16 years. In 2000, she became the director of information technology administration, and was a key player when the fledgling department was pioneering systems the campus now takes for granted. She helped set up and administer the IT Help Desk, the database and data management system, and the collegewide procurement of system and desktop equipment, peripherals and software—all while supervising administrative and technical staff and overseeing $8.5 million. 

Flood earned her masters of science in computer information systems from the University of Phoenix in 2004. In June of that year, she assumed her current position as associate vice president. Her job is complex and demanding with her primary focus always on improving the student’s experience in the classroom through technology. 

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Jeffrey Frey

Jeff Frey is the Web Services Manager for Enterprise Applications in the Information Technology Department at Rice University. His primary functions are to architect, manage and maintain technology solutions for faculty, staff and students using leading edge Internet technologies and applications. Jeff holds an MS in Computer Science from Kent State University, and is currently pursing an Executive MBA at Rice. He prides himself in keeping current with the latest Internet tools, and has additional experience in establishing a small technology business as well as a non-profit organization. Jeff teaches Internet and podcasting courses at the School of Continuing Studies at Rice, and participates as a speaker, instructor and consultant on new technologies at companies and conferences.

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Mark Frydenberg

Mark Frydenberg is a Senior Lecturer in the Computer Information Systems Department at Bentley University in Waltham MA. Last year he introduced the university's first multidisciplinary course in Web 2.0, focusing on business, technology, and social impacts of Web 2.0 applications. He was recently profiled for his distinctive approach to teaching (see page 6 of A leader in using emerging technologies in the classroom, Mark has published and spoken at conferences in the United States and Europe, and his work has been included in the New York Times, USA Today, and the Boston Globe. Mark's web site is

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Andrew Gallo

Andrew Gallo is a Senior Information Systems Engineer responsible for design and implementation of the campus networks for The George Washington University, serving approximately 15,000 users. Areas of his focus include the University’s wide area connections, including a 244 kilometer DWDM ring; designing a multi-campus routing policy; and disaster recovery planning for two online datacenters. Mr. Gallo is also responsible for the University’s voice over ATM installation, and for designing an emerging voice over IP system. Additionally, he works with the Storage Area Network (SAN) administrators in designing a 79 terabyte mirrored SAN. Andrew is also a member of the Mid Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) Core Engineering team. The MAX is a regional giga-pop serving the high performance networking needs of the Capital region’s many universities and research institutions. Mr. Gallo started in the technology field after completing a Master of Arts in 1997. His first role in the field was installing and terminating optical fiber used in the university’s fiber to the desk system.

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David Gannon

David Gannon is the Associate Director of Academic Computing and Media Services at Bryant University in Smithfield, RI. In his current position, David oversees the student laptop program at Bryant and works with the Instructional Technology Specialist/Faculty Development Coordinator to maximize the utilization and effectiveness of technology in the classroom. He has been a member of the faculty at Bryant for over fourteen years, and has been involved in education for over eighteen.

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P.B. Garrett

P.B. Garrett has been leading Academic Technologies for over 11 years now. Prior to this position she taught Computer Science at Mount Vernon College in Washington, DC for over 15 years.

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Kristin Greene

Kristin is the international marketing manager for Desire2Learn. She is currently focused on developing a market presence in the UK and Australia and is developing events to help facilitate innovation in education. Previously, Kristin was the Director of Consulting for Eduventures, an education market research and strategy consulting firm. Kristin worked with large non-profits and for-profits in devising their strategic plan. Kristin is passionate about technology and utilizing technology to help institutions increase access and success.

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Robert Griffin

Since June, 1999 I have served as the Assistant Director of Distance Learning for the Center of Excellence for Remote and Medically Under-Served Areas (CERMUSA) housed at Saint Francis University. As Assistant Director I am in charge of CERMUSA's distance education program. Since my arrival at Saint Francis in the Fall of 1999, I have been fortunate to be able to teach courses in both the School of Business and the Department of Education. I find teaching for two departments offers stimulating teaching challenges. I began my teaching career at Frostburg State College in Frostburg, MD. teaching in the Education Department. I spent 2 1/2 years teaching in that small college and I loved the close atmosphere of the school. The lure of a big school beckoned and I then moved on to a teaching and administrative position at Penn State University at University Park. I retired from the Smeal College of Business Administration at Penn State University in July 2001. At Penn State I taught for 26 years in the doctoral, MBA and undergraduate programs. Most of my time at Penn State was spent teaching in the Communications Course in the MBA Program. Additionally, I served as the Director of the Smeal College's Center For Business Graphics, Behavioral Learning Center and Independent Study Center.

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Robert Hackey

Robert Hackey is professor of Health Policy & Management at Providence College and uses wikis extensively in several of his courses. Hackey has been awarded a number of teaching excellence awards, including the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) Rhode Island Professor of the Year and Providence College's Joseph R. Accinno Excellence in Teaching Award. His principal research and teaching interests lie in the area of comparative state health care policy.

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Melanee Hamilton

Melanee Hamilton is the director of Web Communications at the University of Oklahoma. She has broad experience in web development, marketing and communications, and is primarily interested in utilizing web technologies to help positively impact each student’s academic experience.

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William Havice

William L. Havice, Ph.D., is Professor and Associate Dean in the College of Health, Education, and Human Development at Clemson University. In his 29 years in higher education, Bill has taught numerous undergraduate and graduate courses in technology and instructional/educational technology. One of his primary areas of interest is the development of distance and distributed learning environments. Bill has numerous published articles, book chapters, professional presentations and edited a book on distance and distributed learning.

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Pamela Havice

Pamela A. Havice, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor at Clemson University. She has been an integral part of developing a distributed learning environment for the delivery of the Student Affairs/Counselor Education program. Her primary areas of research include distance and distributed learning applications, multicultural issues and faculty and student development. In her 26 years in higher education, Pam has published numerous articles, book chapters, professional presentations and an edited book on distance and distributed learning.

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Victor Henning

Victor Henning studied Business Administration at the WHU Koblenz, the Université Libre de Bruxelles, and the Handelshøyskolen BI Oslo, and graduated with an MBA in 2004. He went on to pursue his Ph.D. on the role of emotions in decision-making at the Bauhaus-University of Weimar, where he was also a lecturer in consumer research and in film industry economics. His research has been published in journals such as the Journal of Marketing and Media, Culture and Society. He has also won two Best Paper Awards at the AMA Summer Educators’ Conference. He is the co-founder of Mendeley, and since 2007, has served as the Director.

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Susanna Wong Herndon

Susanna Wong Herndon is responsible for the strategic planning and development of technology enhanced learning at UT Austin. She directs the research and development of emerging technologies, provides digital media resources and environments, and manages the faculty incentive programs: ~FAST TeX (Faculty And Student Teams for Technology grant program) and IITAP (Innovative Instructional Technology Awards Program).

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Anthony Hill

Anthony Hill is Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President for TopSchool, a Cloud Computing startup launching the next-generation Student LifeCycle Management capability for higher education. Previously, Anthony was CIO for Golden Gate University where he architected an IT turnaround and eBusiness transformation of the university, with Cloud Computing at the architectural core.

As a speaker, author and technologist focused on Software-as-a-Service, Cloud Computing and enterprise architecture, Anthony brings 26 years of experience in all facets of information technology as a CIO, CTO, software developer, product manager, consultant, systems integrator and salesman. Anthony has been recognized within the industry as one of Computerworld’s "Premier 100 IT Leaders" in 2008, as one of the top 100 CIO’s" by CIO Magazine in 2004, and as one of InfoWorld’s "Top 100" in 2003. In 2002, he was named one of the "25 Most Influential CTO’s" by InfoWorld. As a well-known thought leader, he is a frequent lecturer on enterprise IT and SaaS, and he recently co-authored "CIO Best Practices: Achieving Strategic Value with Information Technology," published in 2007 by Wiley & Sons.

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Bob Hillhouse

Bob Hillhouse, Director of Engineering Services, provides video conferencing, web streaming services, classroom technical support, residence hall closed circuit surveillance system support, and game-day engineering support to The University of Tennessee. Prior to his assignment as Director of Engineering Services, Hillhouse served as the Director of UT Web Services where he and his staff were responsible for the creation, maintenance and delivery of the university’s web presence across the state.

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Thomas Hoover

Thomas Hoover is the Director of Instructional Technology Support at Pepperdine University. He has held a number of posts at Pepperdine, with increasing responsibility since 1999. Thomas brings a unique blend of technology, public policy and business skills to the position of managing the technological infrastructure of a two-campus University. Before joining Pepperdine, he operated his own business providing Internet and eCommerce solutions for small businesses. He was also a Market Research Coordinator for a research firm, and a Political Director for a congressional candidate.

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Brian Hopewell

Brian has 25 years experience in higher education enrollment management and study abroad. As well as, two and a half years in technology sales to higher education.

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Jonathan Huer

Jonathan is currently the Director of the Digital Corps at Ball State University. He is an Apple Master Trainer in Final Cut Studio, and oversees much of the technology related to media development at Ball State University including the Apple Authorized Training Center for both professionals and students, the Digital Corps, and the Apple and iPhone development groups.

Prior to joining Ball State University, Jonathan worked in entertainment with experience ranging from feature films, documentaries and awards shows. A strong believer in technology, Jonathan left Hollywood to focus on emerging media opportunities. He has developed three iPhone applications for the iTunes App store and has consulted on numerous websites and other emerging media projects.

Jonathan earned his bachelor's degree in Design|Media Arts from UCLA where he was a Regents Scholar, and his M.F.A from the Peter Stark Producing program at USC.

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John Ittelson

Dr. Ittelson serves as the Director of Instructional Technologies for the K-20 California Educational Technology Collaborative (K20CETC), a new consortium focused on helping students prepare for and succeed in college. John is a Professor, Emeritus of Information Technology and Communications Design. He was one of the founding faculty of California State University Monterey Bay, Dr. Ittelson represented the CSU Chancellors Office as the lead on involvement with ePortfolio initiatives in the CSU System, and other national collaborative activities on ePortfolios. Additionally, he worked with the CA Department of Parks to help develop studios at a number of state parks, so that park rangers and docents can participate with K-12 schools. Dr. Ittelson also teacches in the graduate Masters in Instructional Technology Program (MIST). He is and has been, since 2000, an Apple Distinguished Educator. He currently sits on the Board’s of the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration, The California Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development and Access Monterey Peninsula.

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Dawn Iwamoto

Dr. Iwamoto is the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs at University of Phoenix. She also holds the position of Dean for the School of Advanced Studies, which involves oversight of all doctoral degree programs for the university. Dr. Iwamoto has over twenty years of teaching and administrative experience in a wide array of educational settings. She earned a Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction degree and a Master of Education in Educational Leadership degree from Northern Arizona University. Dr. Iwamoto attended Michigan State University for her undergraduate degree in Elementary and Special Education. Areas of expertise and interest include technology, leadership, diversity, multicultural education, and program development. Throughout her career, she has lead many innovative projects to enhance learning opportunities within educational settings.

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Menko Johnson

Menko Johnson is Instructional Technologist at San Jose State University focused on effective integration of technology in teaching spaces emphasizing collaboration and flexibility. Currently, he is focused on design and implementation of a new high-tech classroom focused on providing technology tools to allow faculty to explore new and innovative teaching pedagogies. Menko is part of a team investigating the impact of specific technology tools on faculty instruction and student learning. He holds an M.A. in Instructional Technology and an M.Ed. in Elementary Education.

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Lindsey Johnson

Lindsey Johnson is the Luminis portal content manager in the University of Oklahoma's Web Communications Department. Her experience includes both work at a high-growth technology start-up, and content development, writing and editing at a more than 100-year-old major metropolitan newspaper. Lindsey strives to create a portal that is a useful communication application as well as a student metrics measurement tool.

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Andrea Jones

Andrea Jones is a Project Manager and Senior Instructor in IT Client Services at Bentley University. Current projects include the campus wide upgrade to Microsoft Vista; implementing an new hosting solution for Student Organization Web Sites; and providing new notebook computers/training to incoming students and returning juniors. She has a Master Degree in Education from Suffolk University and has been with Bentley for over six years. Prior to joining the Bentley team, she worked as a Project Manager in the Training Institute at State Street Bank.

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Linda Jorn

Linda Jorn launched the Digital Media Center (DMC), Office of Information Technology at the University of Minnesota over ten years ago. DMC team members work with faculty, staff and students to advance the thoughtful application of digital technologies. The thirty-six DMC team members provide research and evaluation, design, training, professional development and consultant services and promote Information Technology scholarship. Linda is part of the management team that supports enterprise learning systems and personal learning environments for over 55,000 learners. Linda’s current interests place the DMC at the intersection of rhetorical, management, leadership, learning, teaching and technology issues.

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Bill Knapp

As the Coordinator of Instructional Technology for the Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning at Ferris State University, Bill coordinates and delivers a variety of services to support faculty in the the design and delivery of instruction using technology. Bill designs and delivers individual and group face-to-face and distance training opportunities for faculty on and off-campus. Bill has a Masters in Education from Ferris State University with a concentration in Training and Development. He has been employed at FSU since 1997.

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Stephen Laster

Stephen Laster, Chief Information Officer of the Harvard Business School, is a seasoned technologist, product strategist and business leader with extensive background in eLearning, Digital Community Building, CRM, Personalization, eCommerce, Enterprise Integration, Sales Force Automation and Order Management.

As CIO, Stephen leads a team of 110 professionals who oversee the School’s academic and administrative computing environment. Previously, he was Director of the Curriculum Innovation and Technology Group at Babson College. In addition, he was CTO, Babson Interactive, LLC, where he was the primary architect and driving force behind Babson’s adoption of eLearning. Prior to focusing his career on technology in an academic environment, Stephen held leadership and technical positions at Stride Rite, Art Technology Group, CrossComm, Advanced Business Technologies, Inc. and Sapient.

Stephen sits on the board of Recycline, and is an experienced speaker and consultant for companies such as Irving Oil, EMC and Super Duper Publications. He has been recognized by IBM for thought leadership in message-oriented middleware, and by Ed Tech Magazine as a thought leader in educational technology.

He holds a B.A. from Bowdoin College and an MBA from Babson College.

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John Lewis

John Lewis is the Chief Software Architect for Unicon, Inc., the leading independent provider of open source training, consulting and support in higher education. John is a 16-year veteran of the software engineering industry. His passions are large-scale enterprise architecture, open-source technologies and agile software development methods. John has been working heavily in Java-based enterprise information portals since 2001, and is the lead developer of Spring Portlet MVC, which provides JSR 168 support in the Spring Framework. He is also active in several higher education open source communities, including uPortal and Sakai.

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William Law

Now in his twentieth year as a community college president, Dr. Bill Law can be described as a passionate advocate for education with a strategic vision for success. After serving previously at Montgomery College in suburban Houston and Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, Ill., he became president of TCC on March 25, 2002.

Dr. Law’s leadership has been instrumental in bridging the academic and business communities. His successes include: TCC 250, a program that works to increase enrollment in academic health care programs to meet community employer needs; an emphasis on the arts that culminated in the opening of the Hurst Gallery; and his leadership role on behalf of the Council on Community College Presidents for his work with the Florida Legislature. He also serves on numerous local boards including the Economic Development Council and Mary Brogan Museum. His drive, vision and passion make him a true asset to Tallahassee, the business community and the state education system.

Dr. Law received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from LeMoyne College and both a master’s and Ph.D. in Design and Management of Postsecondary Education from Florida State University. He and his wife, Pat, have two sons.

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Anne-Marie Lerner

Anne-Marie Lerner uses advanced internet technologies in her teaching, including webcasting and video conferencing. She is a first-year assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin - Platteville collaborative program located at the University of Wisconsin - Rock County. In her capacity as assistant professor, she has delivered the first streaming courses from a remote campus to two other remote two-year campuses across the state of Wisconsin. Her professional interests include investigating effective teaching pedagogy for remote delivery as well as to nontraditional students, and education assessment. She received her PhD in mechanical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2008.

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Meegan Lillis

Meegan Lillis, M Ed, is an Instructional Technologist with the Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning at Ferris State University. She has over six years experience supporting faculty in the use of technology for instruction, and has facilitated/co-facilitated faculty learning communities: Using Technology as a Tool for Instruction, Beyond Migration: Building in the Blended Environment.

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Phillip Long

Phillip Long is a Professor of Innovation in Educational Technology at the University of Queensland, Australia, and a Visiting Scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Center for Educational Computing Initiatives. At UQ he is the Founding Director of the Center for Educational Innovation and Technology and eLearning strategist. Long’s portfolio at UQ includes research, development, and evaluation of innovative uses of technology for research and higher/tertiary education. While at MIT he led the outreach effort projects that emerged from the MIT iCampus project and integrated MIT iCampus technologies into the MIT learning experience.

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Alan Macdougall

Alan Macdougall is the Director of Academic Computing at the University of New Haven. He has over 10 years experience in education management and information technology.

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Lara Martin

Lara has been a Systems Analyst with Lynn University for 2 years. Has headed initiatives like Change Management Team and Identity and Access Management. Has also worked on eCommerce and document imaging for the institution.

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Jessica McKean

Jessica McKean began her career in online education as a Technology Specialist for National University's Spectrum Pacific Learning Company. After two years, she was hired as the Instructional Technologist for Alliant International University, and quickly moved into the eLearning Specialist position where she managed and maintained the Blackboard system for six California campuses and three international campuses

After two years of managing the Blackboard system for the university, Jessica undertook the project of researching, recommending, and implementing a new online education platform. Moodle out shined three eLearning platforms. Along with a team of seven students and one part-time assistant, she switched the entire university from Blackboard to Moodle in six months while maintaining a high-level of faculty, staff and student awareness and content across all campuses.

Jessica was able to establish a training protocol approved by faculty senate and the leadership of the university. Student satisfaction has increased, along with the usage of eLearning software during the first full semester of its implementation.

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Eileen McMahon

Eileen McMahon, Ed. M. is a Senior Instructional Designer at UMass Boston. She works closely with faculty to integrate technology into curriculums, and create strong pedagogically sound applications of technology. Her areas of interests in include educational widgets, open educational resources and collaborative pedagogies.

Previously, Eileen was an independent producer/designer and educational researcher whose clients included Sony Tri-Star/CBS, McGraw-Hill, Disney Online, Dreamworks, PBS, NBC, Sony, SEGA Games, Activision, The Sundance Institute, Turner New Media, Davidson Software, Lightspan Partnership Paramount, and others. She earned her Ed.M from the Harvard Graduate School of Education where she concentrated in technology in education.

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Nathan Meath

Nathan Meath is the Associate Analyst in the Scheduling Unit, Office of Classroom Management at the University of Minnesota. He holds a B.A. in Economics and English from Saint John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota, and is currently studying for an M.S. in Applied Economics at Minnesota. His responsibilities include classroom scheduling optimization, reporting classroom utilization statistics, modeling alternative classroom supply/demand scheduling scenarios and evaluating their potential impact to the University. Related to this work, he is interested in developing scheduling policies that guarantee the efficient use of classrooms while balancing the needs of students, faculty and staff. He is the primary developer of OCM Dashboard reporting systems, and is also interested in developing ways to visualize classroom usage patterns and how to streamline reporting processes.

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Lorenzo Mejia

With over 20 years experience, Lorenzo Mejia is Senior Executive Vice President of Carrier Business at SIMtone Corporation. Prior to joining SIMtone, he held the role of CEO of Telic Communications, a developer of real-time mediation and session control solutions for IP services providers. At Telic, Lorenzo was responsible for overall sales and financial performance. He has also served as CFO of Cybertel, developer of the first commercially available, SIP-interoperable unified messaging platform in the industry. Earlier in his career he was an investment banker. He has been a speaker at numerous telecom events, including the IEEE Communications Society, The Canadian Institute, and Comptel/ASCENT and has been a contributor to Internet Telephony magazine. He was a member of the New York Society of Security Analysts where he chaired their annual conferences on VoIP and wireless technologies. Lorenzo is a Chartered Financial Analyst and received his B.S. from University of Maryland, his M.S. from the University of California at Berkley, and his M.A. and M.BA. from Stanford University.

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David Middleton

David Middleton is the AVP for Finance and Technology at Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ. Responsible for strategic initiative and cross-functional projects, David has been recently spearheaded the SHUmobile initiative exploring the impact of mobile devices on life and learning in higher education. David has worked as an Instructional Designer, the Associate Director of Seton Hall’s TLT Center and as an Adjunct Professor in both English and Education. He is currently working on his dissertation in Higher Education Leadership, Management and Policy.

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Andrew Milne

Dr. Andrew J. Milne is CEO of Tidebreak, Inc., a spin-out from Stanford University. Tidebreak is pioneering new advanced-capability learning space technologies and methods for measuring the effectiveness of interaction technologies in supporting learning activities. Andrew’s expertise lies at the intersection of collaborative workpractice, information technology, and interactive workplace design; he has been an educational innovator for nearly two decades, alternately as teacher, researcher, technologist and consultant. He currently serves on the Advisory Board for the Leonhard Center for Engineering Education at Penn State and is an active research collaborator at Stanford’s Center for Design Research.

Some of his significant contributions to the literature on learning spaces include, "Entering the Interaction Age: Implementing a Future Vision for Campus Learning Spaces...Today" (EDUCAUSE Review, Jan/Feb 2007), and "Designing Blended Learning Space to the Student Experience" (in Learning Spaces, Oblinger, ed., 2006). Andrew holds BSc. (Honors) in Mechanical Engineering and MSc. in Electrical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University, and a Ph.D. in Engineering (Design) from Stanford University. At Stanford, his doctoral research focused on developing collaborative spaces and post-desktop computing interface technologies to support distributed engineering design teams.

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Geoff Mitchell

Dr. Geoff Mitchell is the Director of Integrated Help Services at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane Australia. The Integrated Help Services Department brings together a range of technology support activities across the Technology, Information and Learning Support Division including the IT Service Desks, both physical and virtual, IT desktop support and audio visual support. The Department also has responsibility for the design and development of technology for all University learning and teaching environments. Geoff has previously been the Director of the University Teaching Development Centre at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, Manager of the Educational Products and Services at Griffith University, an information systems academic, and an IT professional. He is a current leading a Australian Learning and Teaching Council grant which is exploring effective ways to retrofit existing classrooms to support both current and emerging learning designs.

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James Monaco

Jim Monaco is the Instruction Media Specialist for the Academic Technology Center at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Jim provides training, support, and production services to support the needs of the faculty and students in the delivery of multimedia-related course material. He has also served the Academic Technology Center as Multimedia Production Specialist and Multimedia Production Coordinator. Jim holds a B.S. in Science, Technology, and Culture from Georgia Tech.

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David Morton

As Director of Mobile Communication Strategies for the University of Washington, Mr. David Morton brings more than 20 years of networking and telecommunications expertise to the University and its community. Prior to this appointment, Mr. Morton served as Director, Network Architecture and Security for the University of Washington, where his teams provided network architecture, engineering and security services for the University, the Pacific Northwest Gigapop, PacificWave, the Washington State K20 Education Network, TransitRail, and other organizations.

Prior to joining the University of Washington, Mr. Morton led the Wireless Broadband Engineering team for communications provider T-Mobile. While at T-Mobile, his team built one of the United States’ largest WiFi data networks, and led the development of WiMax and converged voice product offerings. Mr. Morton’s other credentials include serving as Principal Engineer and Vice President of Open Telecommunications, and the development of one of the first broadband Voice over IP network providers.

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Ellen Marie Murphy

Ellen Murphy is the Director of Technology Integration for The Sage Colleges, as well as an Adjunct Instructor. Her degree is Curriculum Design and Instructional Technology and she holds a Distance Learning Certificate from Indiana University.

Before coming to Sage, Ms. Murphy was a Distance Learning Consultant for Adult Basic Education in the State of Vermont. She was also a Computer Applications Teacher, Instructional Technologist and Web Designer. Ellen was a leader in developing e-portfolios for use in K-12 schools in the State of Vermont, attaining a School to Work grant from the Department of Employment and Training to support her efforts.

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Anya Norton

Anya Norton is the External Systems Reports Analyst in the Planning Unit in the Office of Classroom Management. She holds a B.B.A. Marketing degree from the University of Minnesota Duluth. Her responsibilities include reviewing, analyzing and reporting on classroom related data on internal and external systems, and working with departments to establish and maintain aligned mutual reporting. She assists in the design and maintenance of a range of data, documentation, reports, and displays of information regarding the classroom teaching and learning environment and infrastructure. She is responsible for Classroom Management department-level performance reporting, including coordinating the Balanced Scorecard and Classroom Performance Index (CPI).

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Larry Owens

Larry Owens is the Systems Manager for Franklin and Marshall College, located in Lancaster, PA. He is charged with creating and managing a green IT infrastructure that is in-line with the college’s sustainability initiative. Larry's initiatives have lead to dramatic results in the college’s data center, including drastic energy savings and reduced costs.

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James Pearce

James Pearce is one of the founding members of the newly formed Technology Development Team at FIT.   James brings with him over 8 years of managerial experience in IT for non-profits and Educational institutions in the UK and US.  Currently James specializes in New-Media / Web 2.0 technology consultancy for educational related projects at FIT.   James holds a Batchelor of Science Degree  (Information Systems for Business) from the University of Leeds, UK.

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Meredith Perkins

Meredith took on the role of Technology Resource Coordinator when the Technology Development Team was formed a year and a half ago. Her primary responsibilities within the TDT focus on consultation with faculty in establishing training and new media projects. Having been with FIT for seven years, her previous experiences include working with FIT’s Academic Computing and Art & Design Administrative offices. Meredith holds a Bachelor's of Fine Art from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

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Walter Petruska

Walter Petruska serves as the Information Security Officer and Director of Security Services at the University of San Francisco. Previously, he held the position as the Director of Data Center Operations at NTT/Verio, and prior to that was Vice President and General Manager at E-Facilities/StorNet. He has received degrees from Tulane University Law School, the University of San Francisco and Villanova University.

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Alexandra M. Pickett

Alexandra M. Pickett is the Associate Director of the SUNY Learning Network (SLN), the asynchronous learning network for the State University of New York. Since 1994, she has led the development of the instructional design methods, support services used by SLN to support the development and delivery of online courses by SUNY campuses and faculty. She spent the past 14 years conceptualizing, implementing and refining scaleable, replicable and sustainable institutionalized faculty development and course design and delivery processes. In the 2005-2006 academic year, these processes resulted in the delivery of 4,000+ fully asynchronous online courses, 107 degree and certificate programs, with 100,000+ student enrollments. Her leadership and direction of this area of the program were recognized in 2001 with the first Sloan Consortium Award for Excellence in ALN Faculty Development. In 2002 SLN received the Sloan-C award for Excellence in Institution-Wide ALN Programming and the Educause award for Systematic Progress in Teaching and Learning for 2001. SLN was also honored with the 2006 USDLA 21st Century Award for Best Practices in Distance Leaning. Working with 50+ of the 64 SUNY institutions, she has directly supported or coordinated the development of more than 3,000 SUNY faculty & their fully online courses.

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Keith Politte

Keith Politte is the manager of the Reynolds Journalism Institute's Technology Testing Center, located at the University of Missouri School of Journalism.  There he works to build interdisciplinary industry collaborations that advance journalism and the advertising that supports it.  Focusing on the technology sector, Keith works to leverage emerging products and trends towards curriculum innovation as well as initiating projects designed to engage students as well as the public at large. Currently Keith is working on several projects, including collaborations with Apple and Adobe, as well as advancing coordinated economic development efforts between the university, the state and the private sector.  Keith facilitated the integration of a private startup, "" into the educational choices offered students of the J-School.  Newsy is considered a model for public/private economic development.  Keith earned his BA from Boston University and his JD from Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco.  He also has extensive course work in Internet design and development from San Francisco State University's Multimedia Studies Program.  His career spans a wide range of experiences in law, politics and strategic communications.

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Keith Rajecki

Keith Rajecki is the Solutions Architect with Global Government, Education and Healthcare at Sun Microsystems. He develops strategic technology solutions to meet industry demands. Keith possesses over 14 years of innovative experience in higher education where he has led datacenter consolidations and the standardization of university technology infrastructures.

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Jan Reichelt

Jan Reichelt studied Business Administration at the WHU Koblenz, the LUISS Rome and the University of Bath School of Management. He graduated with an M.BA. in 2004, then commenced his Ph.D. studies in information management at the University of Cologne, Germany. During this time, he was lecturer in electronic business and information management, and spent a research period at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Furthermore, he has worked as an advisor to a member of SAP's supervisory board until 2007. In October 2007, he co-founded Mendeley, and currently serves as the Director.

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William Reynolds

Bill Reynolds is the Director of Instructional Technology and Media Services (ITMS) at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), where he has worked for more than 31 years. During this time ITMS evolved from a production shop for visual materials to a support center for all teaching and learning at NJIT. ITMS provides instructional support through their Instructional Support Services (ISS) division. ISS manages an inventory of more than 2,000 pieces of equipment ranging from classroom projectors to mobile computer labs and servers. The Instructional Resource Center (IRC), staffed with two Instructional Designers provides faculty and staff training and development as well as instructional design and support services. The Instructional Video Services (IVS) performs video and multimedia production and distribution services as well as worldwide distribution of live multimedia. ITMS has produced more than 100 original telecourses as well as numerous online eLearning courses. Bill received his Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts from Jersey City State College, and his Masters degree in Educational Media from Seton Hall University.

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Pia Roper

Pia Roper is currently the Manager of the Technology Help Desk at Philadelphia University.  For over eight years, her Technology Help Desk has proudly provided training, support, and service for Philadelphia University.  Her previous experience includes help desk and desktop support at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and Graduate School of Fine Arts.  Pia credits her FT staff member, Erik Froelich, and he dedicated student staff with the continuing success of Philadelphia University's Technology Help Desk.

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Siobhán Ross-Humphries

Siobhán Ross-Humphries is the coordinator of the Instructional Technology Development Program at Providence College, where she works with faculty on using technology both in and out of the classroom. She also has experience as an instructional technologist at Brown University and SUNY Stony Brook.

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Greg Shields

Greg Shields, MVP, vExpert, is a professional author, speaker, and IT consultant. With nearly 15 years in information technology, Greg has developed extensive experience in systems administration, engineering, and architecture specializing in Microsoft, remote application, and virtualization technologies. Greg is a columnist for TechNet Magazine, a former columnist for REDMOND Magazine and Virtualization Review Magazine, and has authored or contributed to nine books and countless white papers and webcasts. He serves as the Series Editor for Realtime Publishers, contributing to the Realtime Windows Server community and editing the Windows Administration in Realtime eJournal. Greg is also a highly sought-after instructor and speaker, speaking regularly at conferences like TechMentor Events, Microsoft Tech Ed, Microsoft Management Summit, and Windows Connections. In his speaking and writing he is well known for his skills in relating highly technical concepts with a drive towards fulfilling business needs. Greg also produces computer-based training curriculum for companies like CBT Nuggets. He is a recipient of Microsoft “Most Valuable Professional” award with a specialization in Windows Terminal Services as well as VMware’s vExpert award for his contributions to the virtualization community.

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Matthew Silverman

Matthew Silverman is the Learning Space Systems Design Engineer for the Division of Instructional Technology at George Mason University. He assists with the design of AV and IT systems for learning spaces and coordinates construction activities related to learning spaces. Additionally, he is responsible for collecting and maintaining data required for strategic planning related to technology upgrades to learning spaces. Silverman holds InfoComm Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) and PMP certifications and is a member of InfoComm’s Technology Managers Council.

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Stuart Sim

Stuart Sim is the co-founder of CommonNeed, as well as the designer and developer of CommonNeed's Plugjam. Prior to his position at CommonNeed, Stuart served as the Chief Architect of the Education Business Solutions group at Sun Microsystems. While at Sun he drove the development and promotion of open standards in education systems to drive down the cost of systems integration with real world reference architectures.

Stuart has been involved in both the Sakai and Moodle open source projects and has architected reference platforms to explore the non-functional characteristics. As an experienced Solution Architect and Evangelist for the Education Markets, he is currently managing several global projects and leading open source developments for next generation social and education systems.

Stuart is a regular speaker at education and open source industry events, and has participated in several open standards groups for inter-operable systems integration.

Stuart holds a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Manufacturing Systems and Robotics from Bristol University.

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Blair Smith

Dr. Blair Smith has been in the information technology field since 1972 in various positions including programmer, systems analyst, manager, and consultant. In addition to experience in the information technology profession, Dr. Smith has been teaching at the College/University level since 1981. He has been teaching for the University of Phoenix (UOPX) since 1990. He has been a full-time employee of UOPX since 1999 and is currently the Dean in the College of Information Systems and Technology. Dr. Smith stays current in the field by occasional consulting, conducting studies, participating in systems requirement efforts and actively developing curriculum.

Dr. Smith holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer and Management Science from Metropolitan State College of Denver, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from California State University, Fullerton, and a Ph.D. in Organization and Management from Capella University. In addition to these degrees, Dr. Smith holds professional industry certifications in Data Processing and Disaster Recovery Planning.

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Julie Smith

Julie Smith is vice president of higher education for CDW Government, Inc. (CDW-G), a leading provider of information technology to educational institutions and government agencies nationwide. In this role, she leads a team of inside and field representatives responsible for ensuring that higher education customers have the best experience possible with CDW-G. Her team works closely with higher education institutions, listening to their challenges and providing best-in-class information technology products that address their unique needs. Julie specializes in developing new programs including, volume purchasing, customized eCommerce and one-to-one technology initiatives, that enable higher education institutions to maximize their technology investments, improve efficiency and enhance learning on campus. She also maintains close relationships with vendor partners such as APC, Adobe, Cisco, HP, IBM, Microsoft and Sony. In addition, Julie provides direction to CDW-G’s marketing, public relations and eCommerce teams.

Previously, She held a business development position with CDW-G, in which she was responsible for researching and implementing new programs to build CDW-G’s business with education institutions. Prior to joining CDW-G, Smith served as the Director of Public Sector Programs for Comark Government and Education Sales.

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Robert Smith

Robert Emery Smith is Director of Technology Services for the Stanford Center for Innovations in Learning (SCIL), and one of the systems engineers responsible for the creation of Wallenberg Hall. He graduated from Stanford University's Mechanical Engineering program in 1982, and pursued a career in commercial product design and project management, working for the Veterans Administration, InTex, David Kelley Design (now IDEO), Tandem Computers and GolfPro International. He came to the Stanford Learning Lab in 2000 to manage the design and implementation of Wallenberg Hall, and currently manages classroom technology implementation in addition to support and outreach for SCIL.

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Kristen Sosulski

Kristen Sosulski is the Academic Director of Distance Learning at New York University within the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. In addition, Kristen is a full-time faculty member at NYU, teaching in the areas of Instructional Design, Digital Communication and Media, and Information Systems Management. Kristen’s research interests include technological change, educational technology graduate programs, digital learning environments, social networking in higher education, and synchronous distance education. Kristen has her B.S. from New York University, Leonard N. Stern School of Business, M.A. in Instructional Technology and Media from Columbia University and a Ed.M. and Ed.D. in Communication and Education from Columbia University.

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Marc Stephens

Marc is an instructional multimedia developer for the University of Michigan Medical School. He has taught workshops and elective courses on the Second Life virtual world and has a deep interest in exploring virtual worlds as learning tools. He holds a Master of Arts in Education degree with specialization in technology integration.

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Kara Stiles

Kara Stiles is a dynamic and experienced functional/technical training specialist and implementation consultant. For several years, she has excelled at helping adults become comfortable with a variety of software and web applications, and currently serves as the rSmart functional lead on Sakai CLE implementation projects.

Kara holds a B.S. in Business Administration and B.A. in Humanities from the University of Arizona.

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Brook Stowe

Brook Stowe is an Assistant Professor at Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus Library, where he serves as Coordinator of Instruction. He is responsible for managing the library instruction schedule and communicating with teaching and library faculty as well as providing extensive information literacy instruction. Professor Stowe is closely involved with the Brooklyn campus teaching faculty in areas of core curricula and assessment, including current projects involving PRS Interwrite System clickers and an ePortfolio pilot program developed for the LIU Brooklyn undergraduate core curriculum with fellow Library Professor Zhonghong Wang. He is also presently involved with a ground-up redesign of the Theatre Library Association website for launch in early 2009.

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Jake Tabor

Jake Tabor is a Senior Professional Services Consultant who oversees pre-sales engineering for prospective clients at Experian QAS. Jake joined the Experian QAS Technical Support team in 2004, moved to Direct Sales in 2006, and moved to his current role in 2008. During his five years in address data quality software, Jake has assisted many education customers, including the of and the . Prior to joining Experian QAS, Jake specialized in website design and advertising as an independent contractor and has earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

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Mark Timbrook

Mark Timbrook is a course design and technology specialist at Minot State University, where has worked since 1998. He has completed the Blackboard Product Specialist Training and has conducted over 150 Leaning Management System related training sessions. Mark presented at the 2008 Hereos Conference, 2006 Annual WebCT Conference, and various local and regional presentations. He also served as a history adjunct instructor for the Social Science division from 2001 to 2006. Mark received his BA in history from Minot State University and his MA from Norwich University, Vermont College in 2001. His area of focus is early American history and the impact of disease (specifically smallpox) on early populations. Raised in Keyser, West Virginia, Mark now lives with his wife in Minot, North Dakota. They have six children and ten grandchildren. Mark enjoys reading, camping, travel, and spending time with the grandchildren.

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Henry van Zyl

Henry van Zyl has been actively engaged in distance learning in higher education for over 25 years, both in South Africa and in the United States. He has frequently presented at national and international conferences on distance learning for most of that time. Most recently in October 2007, he was invited to be a panelist at a conference on distance learning, organized jointly by the British OU and the Chinese government in Beijing.

Henry has traveled extensively to study distance- and open-learning systems and methodologies in the UK , US and South Africa. His current position is that of Vice Provost for Directed Independent Adult Learning at Thomas Edison State College in Trenton, NJ. In that capacity he oversees, manages and supervises the offices for instructional design and course development, test administration, learning assessment (including Prior Learning Assessment) and instructional services.

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James Varn

James received a PhD from The University of South Carolina and an MA from the University of Georgia. He has been a professor of English for over fifteen years and a faculty development director for the past five years, and his specializations in English include British Romanticism, Modernism. Has has been teaching these subjects as well as Critical Theory, and Technology in the English classroom. He first became interested in educational technologies in 1989 with the possibilities of online collaboration, hypertext writing assignments, and the use of the WWW, and is now focusing now on digital media and its relation to reading, writing, and visual literacies and critical inquiry. He uses a variety of technologies in his teaching to provide audio and visual information for engaging students in critical inquiry through a digital media, writing intensive, collaborative, and research oriented environment.

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Andrés Villagrá

Andrés Villagrá is a Professor in the Department of Modern Languages at Pace University in New York. His area of research is life writing in Hispanic Letters and Applied Technology into the Foreign Language Classroom. He has taught online Spanish courses and more recently his there is extensive uses of Web 2.0 Tools in is intermediate and Upper level classes of Spanish. His latest project: "Spanish Lounge de Pace University" ( is a wiki site for students and for all members of the Spanish Lounge and Pace University friends. This site has been nominated as one of the five best educational sites in 2009 within this wiki environment. This website also functions as an open space for communication between students and all other members where the emphasis is placed in the creation of content for communication, publication and pedagogical use.

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Yianna Vovides

Yianna Vovides is currently the Director of Instructional Design at the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning at The George Washington University. She has earned her Ph.D. in Instructional Design and Technology from the University of Iowa. Yianna's research focus is in metacognition and hypermedia, and she co-authored the Blackboard for Dummies book. Yianna has presented at both national and international conferences, and is currently teaching part-time at GW's Graduate School of Education and Human Development.

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Aaron E. Walsh

Aaron Walsh is Director of the Grid Institute, an international best-selling author and Boston College faculty. In 2006, he received the Teaching with New Media award for his work on Immersive Education. He received this prestigious national award for his pioneering work on immersive education, which was recognized as "...innovative, promising technology which holds the potential to significantly affect society in the near future." In 2007, Computerworld named him one of the forty most innovative people in the information technology industry. After more than a decade of research and development in the field, Aaron began using his prototype technologies to teach Boston College courses from a distance. At that time he coined the term "Immersive Education" to describe learning platforms that combine interactive 3D graphics, commercial game and simulation technology, virtual reality, voice chat, web cameras and rich digital media with collaborative online course environments and classrooms.

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Zhonghong Wang

Zhonghong Wang is Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Technology of Information Services at Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus Library. She is in charge of Library Information Technology, Acqusitions and Cataloging. Professor Wang has the expertise and experience in utilizing technology to support the teaching, learning and research activities of faculty and students. She is experienced in providing library resources and services to all users on main and remote campuses, including international sites.

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Keith Williams

Keith Williams is the Instructional Designer for New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, NJ. He has over eight years experience in the field of instructional design and technology. He has been a full-time faculty member in Information Systems, and an adjunct for five years at Sussex County College and Fairleigh Dickinson University. His work includes the production of dozens of online and hybrid courses for college students in a variety of disciplines. Keith has also produced online courses for high school students through a grant from the State of New Jersey. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Information Systems, and a Master’s degree from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania in Instructional Technology and Design.

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Jim Wolfgang

Jim Wolfgang retired as the Chief Information Officer at Georgia College & State University. He is now the Director of the Digital Innovation Group @ Georgia College. The DI Group, along with its associates, is a resource catalyst to bring together higher education, K-12 and the corporate/public sectors to enhance the educational experience. More than 37 years of "experience" in higher education have included roles as faculty, chair, Assistant Dean of the School of Education and Associate Vice President for Distance Education. An active member of the University System of Georgia, Jim has been involved in numerous Information Technology and Instructional Technology initiatives and committees. Through his association with the Di Group partners, GC&SU and the University System of Georgia have been involved in establishing many new ways of using technology to “Improve the Quality of Life.” The latest initiative is the Milledgeville Community Connections. Funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the project will develop ways the citizens of the community can use digital technologies to transform the way they live, work and play. Jim completed his Ed.D. in Health Education at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

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Erin Yarbrough

Erin Yarbrough is a project manager in the University of Oklahoma Web Communications Department. Erin has extensive experience in advertising and business development for both large established businesses and small start-up enterprises. She works to incorporate cutting edge technologies with the university’s website in an effort to create an interactive experience that is constantly ahead of student demand.

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Mary Zedeck

Mary is an Instructional Designer with the TLTC at Seton Hall University. Mary supports faculty members in the design, integration and assessment of technology resources for courses and campus-wide programs. Before joining Seton Hall, Mary provided technology training and instructional design services to K-12 educators, administrators and corporate clients. Researching and implementing existing and emerging technologies in teaching and learning is Mary’s primary focus.

Mary is a graduate of Lafayette College in Easton, PA, where she earned a B.A. in Biology and an Ed.M. in Adult and Corporate Instructional Management from Loyola University in Chicago, IL.

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