CT 2009 Virtualization Seminars

Campus Technology 2009:
Virtualization Seminars

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

10:00 am - 1:00 pm: Douglas Room, Westin
Understanding Virtualization's Role in Education

Greg Shields
MVP, vExpert

Virtualization is a big and exciting solution for campuses everywhere. But there's a lot of technology and even more hype surrounding this game-changing trend. Many servers can be consolidated onto few. Costs for space, power, and cooling can be dramatically reduced. Lab and test/development/evaluation environments can be rapidly built, torn down, and replicated. Entire computers are abstracted to mere files on a disk. In this introductory session world-renowned virtualization expert Greg Shields presents the topics, tools, and technology in virtualization today. You'll understand how virtualization works. You'll discover the areas where it makes the most sense for your campus. And you'll leave with the knowledge you need to be successful in architecting the right solution.

2:00 - 5:00 pm: Douglas Room, Westin
Implementing Virtualization Technologies:  Deep Dive

Greg Shields
MVP, vExpert

Have you heard all the virtualization hype but not had time to learn its technologies? Then you need this session’s deep dive. Expanding on the topics discussed in his earlier session, virtualization expert and popular columnist Greg Shields presents the click-by-click steps you must know to be successful in your virtual implementation. You’ll learn the best architectures for virtual technologies from companies like Microsoft’s Hyper-V, VMware’s ESX and Virtual Infrastructure. At the end of the session you’ll understand the requirements and technology infrastructures needed for each, focused on the specific needs of today’s campus environments. And you’ll walk away with a valuable crib sheet for avoiding virtualization’s most common mistakes.

Virtualization Seminar Registration Package

Includes Seminar(s), Lunch, and two-day Exhibit Hall Pass
  • Morning and Afternoon Seminars with lunch and Exhibit Hall Pass, $249
  • Morning Seminar only with lunch and Exhibit Hall Pass, $150
  • Afternoon Seminar only with lunch and Exhibit Hall Pass, $150
  • Addition of Both Seminars to the Full Conference Registration, $75

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The Presenter

Greg Shields, MVP, vExpert, is a professional author, speaker, and IT consultant. With nearly 15 years in information technology, Greg has developed extensive experience in systems administration, engineering, and architecture specializing in Microsoft, remote application, and virtualization technologies. Greg is a columnist for TechNet Magazine, a former columnist for REDMOND Magazine and Virtualization Review Magazine, and has authored or contributed to nine books and countless white papers and webcasts. He serves as the Series Editor for Realtime Publishers, contributing to the Realtime Windows Server community and editing the Windows Administration in Realtime eJournal. Greg is also a highly sought-after instructor and speaker, speaking regularly at conferences like TechMentor Events, Microsoft Tech Ed, Microsoft Management Summit, and Windows Connections. In his speaking and writing he is well known for his skills in relating highly technical concepts with a drive towards fulfilling business needs. Greg also produces computer-based training curriculum for companies like CBT Nuggets. He is a recipient of Microsoft “Most Valuable Professional” award with a specialization in Windows Terminal Services as well as VMware’s vExpert award for his contributions to the virtualization community.

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