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Monday, July 28, 2008
M01 21st Century Learning Spaces: Making Your Dreams Come True
M02 Using Worldware for Student Success in the Classroom and Beyond
M03 Collaboration Technologies: A Way to Flatten Hierarchy and Unleash Innovation
M04 Your Guided Tour of Web 2.0 Tools in Higher Education (Tech Experience)
M05 MIT Field Trip: Model Next-Gen Initiatives and Learning Spaces
M06 The Mashup Experience: Making Data Interactive for the Web 2.0 World (Tech Experience)
M07 How to Use Web 2.0 Tools Like a Pro
Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Opening Keynote
A ‘New’ American University for Next-Gen Learners
T01 The 21st Century IT Department Today—and Tomorrow
T02 Riding Web 2.0 Toward Service Beyond the Classroom
T03 IT as a Service: E-mail and Web Services from Google and Microsoft
T04 Campus Card Overhaul for a High-Security Next-Gen World
T05 The Carolinas Virtual World Consortium: Exploring Virtual and 3D Worlds
T06 Mastering Smart Classroom Design
T07 The Next-Generation ePortfolio
T08 Using Second Life Higher Education
T09 Web 2.0 and High-Touch Recruitment at Cal Poly-SLO
T10 A New Visualization Center at Tufts University
2:00pm - 3:00pm
Poster Sessions
T11 Driving Research in Technology and Pedagogy: Faculty in the Incubator Classroom
T12 10 Web 2.0 Tech-Enhanced Strategies to Engage Your Learners
T13 Boosting Innovation and Collaboration with Apple Technologies
T14 Organizational Transformation: IT as a Service at Drexel
T15 Supporting Academic Computing with Regional Networks
Wednesday, July 30, 2008
General Session
The 2008 Campus Technology Innovator Awards
W01 Next-Gen Classroom Model: Emory University’s Cox Center
W02 Supporting Next-Gen Academic Development in a Web 2.0 World
W03 The Best of Real-Time Collaboration
W04 Forget Coursecasting: Podcasting as Educational Inspiration at UConn
W05 Meeting the Data Proliferation Challenge While Building Academic Cyber Infrastructure
W06 Reality Check: Planning and Budgeting for the Next-Gen Classroom
W07 Worldware and the New Personal Learning Environments
W08 Inside the Evolving Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment
W09 Mandatory Cell Phone Programs: A Good Call
W10 Visualizing the Network for the Next-Gen.Edu World
2:00pm - 3:00pm
Poster Sessions
W11 Marrying High-Tech Learning Space Design to Optimal Faculty Use at Stanford
W12 Next-Gen Asynchronous AV Interactions that Boost Student Feedback and Lighten Faculty Workload
W13 From Social to Semantic Web: Blogs and Wikis to Mashups and Tagging
W14 Total Class Access for the Next-Gen Working Student at Coppin State
W15 Building a Diverse Campus Network—Without Taking Undue Risks
Thursday, July 31, 2008
Th01 The Learning Commons: Next-Gen Learning Spaces for the New Way Students Work
Th02 The Digital Commons: Blogs, Wikis, and More for a Next-Gen Campus
Th03 Leveraging Xythos for Safe and Easy Collaboration On and Off Campus
Th04 Social & Community Networking at Tufts
Th05 ePortfolios at Virginia Tech: Reflections on Cultural Change and Open Source Development
Th07 Using Second Life to ‘Road Test’ Tech Space Planning
Th08 Microsoft Popfly: Web 2.0 in the IT Classroom at Bentley College
Th09 Transparent Network Management for the Next-Gen.edu Campus
Th10 Avoid a Wiki Wasteland: Learn How Wikis Work in Highter Education
General Session
Shootout! Bracing for the Next-Gen Student Wave: Myth or Mandate?