Dell Cloud Services:

Moodlerooms customers have access to Dell Cloud Services’ infrastructure, which offers real-time, on-demand scalability and state-of-the-industry security. Through the partnership, Dell Cloud Services provides clients with an infrastructure that supports infinite growth, while Moodlerooms is able to focus on improving the features and functionality of its learning management offerings. Customers benefit by receiving a secure and supported environment for their learning program through Dell’s unsurpassed hosting architecture and the technical support of Moodlerooms’ support team.

Managed Open Source:

Customers have comfort in knowing that their sites are constantly being monitored and tested to ensure stability of their plug-ins and modules. One of the main benefits of Moodlerooms’ managed open-source solutions is the multiplier effect of our client contributor program, which encourages social development through community contribution. Clients benefit from the combined efforts of other customers, thousands of developers from across the globe, and the testing that Moodlerooms provides to ensure the stability of those developments.

Software as a Service:

Moodlerooms takes a customer-centric approach to providing solutions that give organizations options when selecting the services and features that shape their learning management platform. Moodlerooms takes a consultative approach during the change management process to ensure safety and security of the transfer of course content. We continue to consult with our clients through the entire duration of the partnership to ensure that all goals are being met. Moodlerooms specializes in providing the highest caliber service and support, which gives organizations the ability to connect, sustain and grow their learning programs.

About Moodlerooms: Our Perfect Fit Approach

The Perfect Fit Wheel: Dell Cloud Services / Managed Open Source / Software as a Service

By combining the scalability of Dell Cloud Services with the stability of managed open-source and the support of our software-as-a-service model, customers are able to experience learning management that meets their goals and evolves with them.

With open-source Moodle at the core of our offerings, Moodlerooms’ mission is to provide educators and learners across the globe with a platform that is flexible, reliable and affordable. Moodlerooms’ customers receive all of the benefits of open-source Moodle with enterprise-level support, services and features.

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Because of our consultative and customer-centric approach, selecting Moodlerooms allows our customers to choose the perfect solution for their organization’s mission. By leaving everything else to us, our customers have more time to focus resources on what really matters — quality teaching and learning. Moodlerooms’ unique approach provides something greater than alternatives—one solution, one provider and one platform forever.

Case Studies

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Customer Testimonials

Moodlerooms is worth every penny. We get so much value out of it and I get excellent support. I am very pleased with the level of support and the response I get – I give them an A plus.Read More


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Moodlerooms customers receive a high performance environment with enterprise-level security, infinite scalability and improved service levels. Read More

Dell and Moodlerooms

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Moodlerooms is now offered through Dell Services. Our customers have access to an infrastructure that offers real-time, on-demand scalability and state-of-the-industry security.  Read More

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