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The Changing Landscape of IT Delivery and Consumption in Education


The cloud is altering the IT infrastructure in education, changing the way schools deliver and consume IT services. At the center of this new infrastructure is the network. No longer just “plumbing” in the infrastructure, the network is now a strategic asset. As more and more IT functions, including software and platform, are offered as a cloud service, the network infrastructure that securely and reliably enables the consumption of these services becomes increasingly important.Learn More

Making IT Count on Campus

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Managing the IT infrastructure of the 21st century campus is no small feat. GovConnection has put together a series of assets to help you make decisions, create strategies and better manage the myriad of technologies supporting your institution.Learn More

Tech-Powered Learning

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Technology is driving new opportunities in learning and instruction. Students are using mobile devices and new software tools to connect the classroom to the real world. Learn more about the hardware and software solutions you can use to transform learning on your campus. Learn More

Enhance productivity in the classroom and across campus.

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The new era of interactive, innovative blended- learning begins with Dell laptops, tablets and desktop PCs. Take learning across the classroom to around the campus and save on the latest innovative technology for education from Dell. Save on powerful, sleek, high performance PCs, innovation made affordable during Dell's Signature Event. Learn More

How to Achieve a Safe and Secure Learning Environment in Higher Education

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Higher education is undergoing a transformation brought on by new information technologies. Educators are bringing these tools to the classroom to enrich the learning experience, while administrators are finding new ways to optimize and drive efficiencies in university operations. For our part, Dell SonicWALL is focused on delivering a safe and secure environment that will allow higher education institutions to realize the promise of the 21st century campus. Learn More

The Cisco Unified Workspace: Mobile, Highly Secure, and Experience-Based


With Cisco Unified Workspaces, faculty and students experience the flexibility of using any device to securely access any information, any application, and any expertise—from anywhere—for efficient, productive teaching, learning and research.Learn More

A Quantum Leap in Data Storage at Three Higher-Education Institutions

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As new technologies emerge and evolve, so do the demands on education. Colleges and universities across the country face growing demands on their IT infrastructure and data storage resources.Acquiring new systems to meet this need is no small feat for today's cash-strapped institutions.Shrinking budgets and strained IT resources make adding to the technology infrastructure a daunting challenge.

To address these obstacles, storage solutions provider NetApp developed a new equipment donation program, where over 100 universities and K-12 schools were awarded new systems and storage solutions. Campus Technology spoke with three of the recipient institutions – Brigham Young University, Clackamas Community College and University of South Florida – to learn how they were able to resolve their IT challenges with the help of NetApp. Learn More

Planning the Unplannable: IT Management of Anytime-Anywhere Learning

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Learning and instruction are changing in higher education, owing largely to the proliferation of consumer technologies on today's campuses. A growing number of institutions are moving away from the traditional instructor-focused teaching model to a new student-centric approach that favors a more personalized, collaborative, anytime-anywhere—from any device—learning experience. As these colleges and universities move forward, what technologies and policies should they have in place to support their academic needs?

Campus Technology spoke with Texas A&M University, South Arkansas Community College and telecommunications provider Verizon to get insight on how to build an IT infrastructure that supports the ever-changing landscape of 21st century learning. Learn More

Making the Case for High-Quality Projectors on Your Campus

The technological advancements of projectors and projection systems has grown exponentially. When compared to consumer adoption rates of high-quality audio-visual tools, however, colleges and universities fall behind. What advantages are many institutions missing out on? How can these advanced projectors influence learning outcomes? Campus Technology spoke with 5 universities and audio-visual solutions provider Canon to gain their insights. Learn More

The Influx of iPads, Tablets and Wi-Fi Enabled Devices on Campus: Is your Wireless Network prepared?

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Colleges and universities see value in intelligent wireless networking. Mobility is the new norm, faculty and students expect to connect without wires. They depend on it to support faculty and to prepare students for an increasingly mobile world, educational organizations must fully integrate wireless into their connectivity strategy. Learn More

Five Keys to 21st Century Learning: Leadership Insights on Issues in Educational Technology

The latest trends in data analytics, learning infrastructure, and the drive for student success present new challenges for campus administrators and technologists. What practices and technologies should campuses implement to support 21st century learning? CT spoke with two higher ed leaders to get their insight.o help move teachers into 21st century practices (and cope with shrinking budgets), smart districts are working with textbook publishers and e-reader vendors to exploit the promises of digital books. Learn More

Enterprise Solutions for Higher Education

logo can communicate effectively no matter what device they choose—or where they are on campus! Data and sensitive information must also be stored safely and securely.

A campus is really one giant network. With the right hardware and software, students, professors and even other IT staff

So how can you improve upon your network's performance and still save money? Explore topics such server virtualization, infrastructure convergence, private cloud, security and more on this site dedicated to Enterprise Solutions. Learn More

Supporting Safe and Effective Digital Learning


The proliferation of mobile devices and the push toward collaborative learning in today's universities has presented new security challenges for IT departments. How do universities ensure the security of their infrastructure while fulfilling the needs of new learning initiatives? Campus Technology spoke with three universities and a security vendor SonicWALL to get their insight. Learn More

Cloud Innovations for Higher Education


Find out why Brocade is moving to the top of the list as institutions of Higher Education look for a world-class partner that can help enhance instruction, empower research, and deliver anytime/anywhere access to campus resources. Learn More