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High Performance Computing: Fueling the Next Great Discovery

It’s human nature to ask ever bigger questions and strive to solve ever more complex problems. High Performance Computing (HPC) is one more technological tool that can help us in that quest. HPC is pushing innovation of the next amazing achievement in science, engineering, healthcare, and education.

Central Support and Faculty Buy-In Are Key to Student Response System Success

People frequently asked the Information Resources and Planning (IRP) Department at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) which Student Response System (SRS) it supported. At the time, there wasn’t a designated standard. This resulted in numerous solutions in use on UTEP’s campus—often forcing students to purchase (and learn how to use) multiple subscriptions or hardware devices.

Texas A&M Innovates by Delivering Digital Learning Environments to Transform the Student Experience

The virtualization of college computer labs has been a widespread development the past few years. The growing availability of software applications is transforming classrooms and laboratories into digital learning environments fulfilling the consumer-like experience students are seeking by providing 24/7 access to digital labs and learning environments anywhere on any device.

Using Academic Video at Scale - Considerations, Best Practices and Benefits

From lecture capture and flipped classrooms to student presentations and events, video has become central to higher ed learning. Listen as three academic technologists discuss best practices and considerations for successfully using video at scale.

CHANGE: It’s Worth It - Migrating Your University’s LMS is Much Easier Than You Think

Migrating to a new LMS is a massive ordeal, but totally worth it to best meet the needs of faculty and students. Listen as two administrators discuss how they’ve successfully migrated systems, including why and how they did it, and lessons learned.

The Continued Importance of Open Source Moodle in the LMS Market

Open-source Moodle, already the most widely used LMS in the world, is continuing to gain traction. Join us to explore how Moodle has impacted the LMS market and continues to be a pioneer in emerging LMS technologies.