A Quantum Leap in Data Storage at Three Higher-Education Institutions

As new technologies emerge and evolve, so do the demands on education. Colleges and universities across the country face growing demands on their IT infrastructure and data storage resources. Acquiring new systems to meet this need is no small feat for today's cash-strapped institutions. Shrinking budgets and strained IT resources make adding to the technology infrastructure a daunting challenge.

To address these obstacles, storage solutions provider NetApp introduced a new equipment donation program in spring 2012, which awarded new systems and storage solutions to more than 100 universities and K-12 schools. Campus Technology spoke with three of the recipient institutions – Brigham Young University, Clackamas Community College and University of South Florida – to learn how they were able to resolve their IT challenges with the help of NetApp.

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NetApp New Equipment Donation Program Provides a Quantum Leap in Data Storage at Three Higher-Education Institutions

Download the full report to see how all three institutions benefited from the NetApp Donation Program.

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About NetApp

NetApp NetApp is committed to delivering the most efficient, cost-effective storage and data management solutions to meet educational institutions' critical infrastructure needs. Our solutions cut IT costs in half, use up to 80% less storage than competitors, and accelerate projects and programs by enabling storage administrators to deploy entire infrastructures in minutes instead of weeks – without sacrificing performance or availability. Of course, less storage means reduced power, cooling, and space costs. You can meet green initiatives while saving money. NetApp delivers reliable solutions. A 2008 IDC study proved NetApp storage systems achieve greater than 99.999% availability in field-measured uptime. In addition, disaster recovery, backup, and compliance services are all built into a single storage platform and available on demand. You can backup data in minutes and recover it in seconds. NetApp thin provisioning allows you to grow and shrink storage volumes to meet the exact needs for every department or application – without disrupting operations or wasting storage.