Technology continues to change the dynamics of the modern classroom. The continued dominance of mobile devices and applications, myriad social media platforms, cloud-based services, and advanced data analysis technologies is changing how colleges and universities present and deliver their curriculum material. Higher education classrooms and campuses, and the students they serve, can now gain greater value from advanced enterprise-class technologies more than ever, helping prepare students for a technology-enabled work environment.

  • 9 Steps to Modernizing Higher Education

    Digital disruption is in full swing on today’s campuses. But rather than posing challenges, disruption offers university administrators wide-ranging opportunities to embrace digital transformation and bring their institutions into the 21st century.

  • A Guide to Modern ERP in Higher Education

    Perhaps you’re already taking a hard look at your on-premises ERP system. If you aren’t, you should be – it may be holding your institution back from becoming a modern, agile institution ready to achieve its core mission – teaching, learning and research.

  • The Business Case for the Higher Education Cloud

    Institutions at both ends of the spectrum clearly need to embrace fundamental changes in their most basic business processes and platforms. A critical factor in the planning for those changes includes finding the right partner to assist with a major platform shift to the cloud.

  • Intelligence Will Transform Student Information Systems

    Ovum anticipates that artificial intelligence (AI) will become a critical element of the student information systems (SISs) landscape, transforming how colleges and universities deliver education services. In this paper, Ovum seeks to help institutions better understand the role AI should play in their SIS strategies.

  • Higher Education and Research Industry Viewpoints

    In this ebook, we’ll explore the disruptive new technologies transforming higher education, and the new models being adopted across administration, learning, and research. We’ll discuss how student expectations and demographics are changing, and how new fiscal realities put institutions under pressure.

  • Taking a Journey to the Modern Campus

    The path to a modern campus and innovative technology does not have to be a high-risk rip-and-replace endeavor, but instead can include choice and timing that support an institution's unique needs and readiness.

  • Student Success with Oracle Cloud Video

    Student Cloud is differentiated in the market by providing a laser focus on student success. This solution benefits institutions to enable them to anticipate students’ needs, illuminate their academic path and empower students to succeed.

  • The State of Integration in Higher Ed Tech

    As colleges and universities increasingly adopt the cloud and shared services, IT organizations face the complex challenges of re-engineering and re-sourcing the major systems and services of their campus enterprises. That calls for application integration, which encompasses data integration.

  • Oracle Student Cloud: Innovation and Modernization

    Join Oracle’s Student team to understand our strategy for providing the practical path for customers wanting to modernize their student solutions.