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  • closeup of hands typing on laptop 5 Keys to Managing 1-to-1 at a STEM University

    South Dakota Mines has been issuing machines to its students for many years. Recently, the school upgraded to workstations. Here’s what IT has learned about running a 1-to-1 program. >

  • college student studying with smartphone The Best Settings for a College Workstation

    While this tech expert prefers to understand the most demanding application a machine will be used for before he makes recommendations, here’s his go-to list of preferences for building the optimal workstation. >

  • stack of open textbooks A Time for Testing

    Here’s how to stay on top of workstation evolution with a formal evaluation program. >

  • man working on laptop at home Fall Planning for Your Computer Labs

    Whether it’s a computer lab, a makerspace, or something comparable, the show must go on. Here’s how schools are tackling the job. >

  • Multi exposure of forex chart with man working on computer on background Consider This Use for Leftover CARES Act Stimulus Funding

    Still have money left in your campus CARES Act student pot? Maybe it’s time to put workstations in students’ hands instead of in computer labs. >