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21st Century Campus

With a new administration taking over in Washington D.C., educators and technologists alike are redoubling their emphasis on 21st Century Campus. In the world of higher education, this means a renewed commitment to familiarizing students with the hardware, software and services that can prepare them to meet challenges of the new millennium. Most 21st Century Campus initiatives also are designed to help students develop the ability to communicate, collaborate, think critically, utilize media to gather information and incorporate awareness of the world around them.  To prepare for the campus of tomorrow, we all must act today.

Getting the Most From Mass Notification

A public safety expert and a university student explain how important
emergency mass alert systems are to the safety of campuses.

Resources for School Security

These resources are designed to provide you with fresh insights into the challenges of planning, developing, and implementing effective safety and security strategies in higher education: the technologies, the issues, and the role of IT in making it all come together effectively.

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