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With a new administration taking over in Washington D.C., educators and technologists alike are redoubling their emphasis on 21st Century Campus. In the world of higher education, this means a renewed commitment to familiarizing students with the hardware, software and services that can prepare them to meet challenges of the new millennium. Most 21st Century Campus initiatives also are designed to help students develop the ability to communicate, collaborate, think critically, utilize media to gather information and incorporate awareness of the world around them.  To prepare for the campus of tomorrow, we all must act today.

21st Century Classroom


Nine years into the 21st Century, a millennium that many expected to be characterized by the Internet generation, many classrooms at higher education institutions are looking a little....old-fashioned.

Sure, a growing number of institutions have embraced wireless 802.11n. And yes, more and more colleges and universities now boast hardware such as electronic podiums, interactive whiteboards, student response systems, classroom management software and lecture capture software.

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University of Georgia Student Offers Inside Look at the 21st Century Campus

In science-fiction and fantasy books, seers and prognosticators usually are ancient men with white beards down to their knees. They wear cloaks. They carry scepters. Sometimes, they're even wizards.

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Resources for the 21st-Century Campus

These resources are provided to give you fresh perspectives on the meaning of 21st-century learning, the role of technology in facilitating the teaching of 21st-century skills, and the relevance of these skills as students are prepared to enter the general workforce.

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