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  • Where Data Mining, Privacy Policies, and Identity Theft Intersect

    Leo Irakliotis has been the victim of an institutional security breach. Yet, after two years of monitoring his credit reports, the new dean of Nova Southeastern University's Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences said the possibility of the thief using his Social Security number for illegal activity doesn't concern him nearly as much as the general incompetence of people who have access to his personal information as a matter of course in their jobs.More

Campus Security News

  • Power Grid Security Research Gets New Funding

    A pan-university team will be able to continue their research into securing the national power grid with an infusion of federal funding for a project that began several years ago.More
  • Arizona State Adds Facebook and Twitter for Emergency Alerts

    Arizona State University in Tempe has added Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds to its emergency messaging system. E2Campus, the university's emergency messaging provider, recently integrated the social networking functionality into its subscriber profiles.More
  • Bowdoin College Battles E Mail Explosion with Mimosa Systems App

    Bowdoin College in Brunswick, ME has implemented Mimosa NearPoint for Microsoft Exchange e-mail storage. The application handles unified e-mail retention, e-discovery operations, storage optimization, and end-user search.More
  • Casper College Launches CC Alert System

    Casper College in Wyoming is launching a new emergency alert system from Inspiron Logistics. Casper College (CC) Alert uses the company's Wireless Emergency Notification System to deliver text, e-mail, and voice messages to subscribers about weather-related school closings and public safety threats.More
  • Sony Introduces High-Def IP Cameras

    Sony has introduced four models of high definition IP cameras for surveillance purposes. All support H.264, MPEG-4, and JPEG compression and stream high-def video at 30 frames per second in 1,280 x 720 resolution. To obtain clear images without motion blur in settings with low light, the cameras use "excellent dynamic noise reduction" (XDNR).More
  • OpenDNS Blocks Academic Fraud

    OpenDNS is rolling out a new Internet security tool to block academic fraud sites. As part of its free and premium cloud-based DNS and filtering services, the company is launching a new feature that prevents users from accessing Internet resources that enable academic fraud, such as essay ghostwriting services and other sites that help students violate an institution's academic integrity guidelines.More
  • Axis Intros Surveillance Gear for Extreme Conditions

    Axis Communications has created thermal network cameras that allow for the capture of video even in dark areas. The company has also launched a new set of devices for use in mobile environments, such as buses, and released a camera specifically for use in rugged climate conditions.More
  • Fujitsu, IBM Team for Palm Scan Identification Technology

    Fujitsu Frontech North America and IBM have announced a new security solution that integrates palm biometric technology from Fujitsu with IBM's enterprise single sign-on solution. The resulting product reads and recognizes the veins in a user's palm to verify identities.More
  • StorNext 4.0 Expands De-Duplication, Adds Distributed Data Mover

    Quantum is releasing a new version of its StorNext data management software. Version 4.0 features changes in de-duplication and replication, as well as a new distributed data tiering function.More
  • Tel Aviv U Researchers Working To Harden Captcha

    A research project at Tel Aviv University is tackling the problem of making Captcha more secure. Captcha is an open source program created by a team from Carnegie Mellon University.More