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  • Wireless to the nth Degree

    Wireless access points that utilize the 802.11n standard offer superfast speeds and can simultaneously support a multitude of bandwidth-hogging devices.


Campus Security News

  • 6 Keys to Identity Management

    These best practices will help make your IAM project a long-term success.

  • A New Frontier in Security

    IT's job is to find security strategies that enable mobile and social apps.

  • Higher Education's Top Five Network Security Threats for 2011

    The game has changed in higher education network security--the proliferation of embedded devices from gaming consoles to kiosks, the skyrocketing adoption of social media, as well as a slew of other evolving technologies are forcing higher education institutions to 'step it up' when it comes to safeguarding the network. In 2011 we'll see even more threats, and in new environments.

  • Security Researchers Compile Data Breach 'Champions'

    In an idle moment, security researchers from Application Security put together "brackets" to examine what a Final Four would look like if it were done for data breaches. A clue about the winner: This university's basketball team was knocked out in game three of this year's NCAA men's championship.

  • Taking Command of the Campus Network

    Dominican University's IT security woes started about seven years ago, when a virus outbreak compromised its computer network. In the throes of student move-in that year, several viruses breached the River Forest, IL university's firewall via infected equipment that was brought on campus by students.