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  • The Bygone Decade of Definition, Distance

    The decade we have just closed out seemed to be a decade of continuous definition and redefinition of the distance between where we are and where we need to be in our education system... Throughout this exhaustive (and exhausting) period, our ability to accept the change we have clearly identified as critical for our future has not transitioned to adequate action...


Worth Noting

  • U Central Florida Streamlines Administrative Apps

    The University of Central Florida has is wrapping up a multi-year implementation of new enterprise applications that includes a combination of Oracle software and Sun hardware to streamline its administrative processes and help manage student growth.

  • West Virginia Colleges Automate Payments for Non-Credit Programs

    Two schools in West Virginia are streamlining the payment process for students by using a new gateway feature added to a program used for registration with their non-credit classes.

  • IPv6 Adoption Now of 'Paramount Importance' as IPv4 Addresses Run Out

    The "IPocalypse" is turning out to be a mild global event, as -pocalypses go. End users won't begin to see the effects for months, and there should be little disruption when it does hit. But the end of IPv4 means that the transition to IPv6 needs to start now, according to ICANN.

  • Intel Labs Picks Stanford for New R&D Research Investment Model

    Chip maker Intel is stepping up its R&D funding to American universities by up to five times what it currently invests. The company announced plans to pour $100 million directly into university research in the United States over the next five years.

  • Microsoft Takes Open Source Interoperability Effort Global

    Microsoft hasn't always had smooth relationships with open source software communities. But with its new senior director of open source communities, Gianugo Rabellino, the company is reaching out in new ways to open source developers and working to fulfill its "interoperability pledge."

  • Camtasia Relay Adds Drupal Interoperability

    Camtasia Relay is gaining integration with the open source content management system Drupal. TechSmith this week released a plugin for Drupal that connects it with Camtasia Relay, the company's commercial lecture and screen capture system.