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  • eText: Is It Ready? Are We Ready?

    Most of the possible implementation strategies for eText seem quite logical and are based on existing technologies that have been available to the higher education community for some time. But there is still a problem holding us back--a problem that lies in the fact that defining, combining, and implementing eText components has as yet been accomplished only on a very limited basis and by only a few "technologically entrepreneurial" institutions. Large-scale eText implementation is a task that has been identified as too daunting, too difficult, and it is the perhaps the most significant replacement ever, of an educational tradition that has served higher education well for centuries.


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  • How To Meet Your Legal Obligations Regarding DMCA Notices
    Sponsored By Audible Magic
    Responding to a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notice is a tedious and costly process. As a growing number of campuses report an increase in DMCA takedown notices, they are looking for ways to better manage this process and bring this epidemic under control. Join us for a webinar in which you'll get an action plan for dealing with DMCA notices.