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Security and Safety

  • Bracing for Disaster

    No safety program can stop every campus threat, but proper preparation can mean the difference between life and death. CT looks at the three key components of a successful program.


IT Directions

  • IT's Balancing Act

    IT must keep services reliable, even while adopting cutting-edge innovations, explains WCET Executive Director Ellen D. Wagner in this interview with Campus Technology's Mary Grush.


Community Colleges

Online Resources

  • How to Finance New Classroom Technology within a Small Budget
    Sponsored by Panasonic Solutions Company
    Funding is scarce in education. In fact, a statistic from The Center of Digital Education says that 41 states have implemented cuts to higher education, which means educators are left to fend for themselves, including using sub-par technology solutions, if any at all. So how can you finance new technology in the classroom while staying within your budget? Join us for a free webinar to hear how a Panasonic customer used projectors to deliver a quality educational experience while addressing bottom-line needs.

  • Best Strategies for Implementing Clickers in the Classroom
    Sponsored by Macmillan
    As colleges and universities continue to look for ways to improve student retention and encourage deeper learning, many institutions are turning to clicker technology as a proven method for stimulating conversation, measuring student attitudes and driving active learning in the classroom. Join us for a webinar in which you'll get a real-world faculty and administrator perspective on the organization, implementation, and growth of clicker technology.

  • How To Meet Your Legal Obligations Regarding DMCA Notices
    Sponsored by Audible Magic
    Responding to a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notice is a tedious and costly process. As a growing number of campuses report an increase in DMCA takedown notices, they are looking for ways to better manage this process and bring this epidemic under control. Join us for a webinar in which you'll get an action plan for dealing with DMCA notices.

  • How To Create A More Efficient Document Process And Streamline Your Workflow
    Sponsored by Perceptive Software
    Improving document processes is important for higher-ed campuses looking to streamline their business workflow and improve overall efficiency. Join us for a webinar in which Sue Krings, senior IS technical services, and Michael Dodor, network administrator, will share exactly how they implemented electronic content management (ECM) with ease at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.