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Case Study

  • InfiniBand Goes the Distance

    Researchers at the Energy Department's Oak Ridge National Laboratory have shown that InfiniBand can be used to transport large data sets over a dedicated network thousands of miles in length, with a throughput unmatched by high-speed TCP/IP connections.More

IT News

  • UPenn To Manage Virtualization with Virtual Iron Software

    The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia has gone public with deployment of virtualization software from Virtual Iron Software. Virtualization enables IT administrators to streamline the IT infrastructure by running multiple applications and operating systems on a single server.More
  • Sun Releases xVM VirtualBox 2.1

    Sun Microsystems recently released the latest version of its desktop virtualization software. The xVM VirtualBox 2.1 comes with several enhancements, including accelerated 3D graphics, better network performance, additional storage support, plus improved support for Mac OS X on Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x) as well as VMware's and Microsoft's virtualization formats, VMDK and VHD.More
  • COBOL Eclipsed

    With the latest release of its development and deployment platform for the Common Business-Oriented Language(COBOL), Veryant will unveil a COBOL editor plugin for the Eclipse Integrated Developer Environment. More
  • Dickinson College Integrates and Analyzes Data Using Rapid Insight

    Dickinson College has implemented Rapid Insight Analytics and Data Integration software to help predict student enrollment, financial aid allocation, diversity, class size, and other operational variables using data analysis and integration applications.More
  • Embarcadero Releases CodeGear RAD Studio 2009

    Embarcadero Technologies' acquisition of CodeGear from Borland Software Corp. last year has borne fruit in the form of a newly released rapid application development (RAD) tool. More
  • Q1 Labs Working on Virtual Environment Security Solution

    Q1 Labs has announced VFlow Collector for QRadar, a network and application layer activity monitor designed to IT professionals oversee and secure virtual environments.More
  • USC School of Business To Run Virtual Storage

    The University of Southern California (USC) Marshall School of Business has purchased Xiotech's Emprise 7000 storage area network (SAN) to increase network performance and improve storage management in a virtualized IT environment as the school transitions to a virtual server infrastructure.More