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  • Report: Worldwide Server Market Earnings Finally on Upswing

    New industry research is pointing to further signs of improvements in information technology worldwide, specifically in the server market, where earnings have grown on the back of strong sales in the bladed market sector.

  • WSO2 Launches Open-Source Cloud Platform

    Open-source middleware maker WSO2 has launched an open source cloud platform that should be of interest to enterprise Java developers. Called Stratos, it's a fully hosted application platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for building and deploying apps and services "with instant provisioning of enterprise servers, including the portal, enterprise service bus (ESB) and application server."

  • Yahoo Develops Interface Classification System for Hadoop

    Developers at Yahoo have been working on a new interface classification system in Hadoop to distinguish two facets of an interface from the perspective of backward compatibility: the audience of the interface and the stability of the interface.

  • Chicago State Overhauls Management of IT Systems

    Chicago State University, a public university in Illinois with a campus community of 7,200, will be implementing a new infrastructure monitoring platform for its IT operations.

  • Deployment Automation Tool for Java EE Launched

    The deployment phase of the application lifecycle can be an untidy business, prone to errors that result in delays. Automating the process, the experts say, can reduce errors and delays, not to mention headaches. Deployment automation has, in fact, become an essential component of a number of application lifecycle management (ALM) systems.

  • Intel To Target 'Many-Core' Chips at Highly Parallel Applications

    Intel will soon go into production with a Many Integrated Core (MIC) architecture that uses the x86 instruction set to create high-performance computing platforms running at trillions of calculations per second.

  • Northern Arizona U Moves to Web-Based Project Portfolio Management

    Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff is standardizing its project portfolio management on a Web-based solution.