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  • Virtualization's Middle Path

    Server virtualization doesn't have to be an all or nothing proposition. One college CIO explains how her school successfully implemented a virtualized server environment, saving money and cutting back on energy use, without sacrificing performance on systems that needed their own dedicated hardware.

  • One-Stop Shopping

    While e-procurement already plays a strategic role throughout higher education -- providing greater oversight on spending, maximizing the benefits of on-contract ordering, and streamlining procedures -- its impact in the realm of research is particularly significant.

  • Setting up a CFO Trust Fund

    While it would be naïve to think that every CIO can achieve such a rapport with his CFO, understanding the importance of a solid relationship with the head of finance is critical to success, both for the IT department and the institution as a whole. Never has this been truer than in today's bleak economy, as CFOs become increasingly cautious about initiatives that involve significant expense, yet information technology can help achieve efficiencies that will improve the bottom line.


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