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  • Universities Lighting up Fiber in Montana

    Two universities in Montana have received the go-ahead from their state board of regents to take out a $2 million loan to pay the cost of equipment to tap into fiber optic that runs from Seattle to Chicago and could serve as a network pipeline for the state.More
  • Caltech and Partners Set Data-Transfer World Record

    A team of physicists, computer scientists, and network engineers led by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech)--with partners from a number of other universities and science organizations--set new records for sustained data transfer among storage systems during the SuperComputing 2008 conference held in Austin, TX.More
  • Duke U Provides Alternative to Car Ownership on Campus

    Duke University has launched the Zipcar program at its campus. Four cars, including two hybrids, will be available at Duke through the program, providing campus members who are age 18 and older with a transportation alternative to keeping a car on campus. Zipcar rates start at $8 an hour or $66 per day. Fuel, maintenance, and insurance are included.More
  • Laundry Gets High-tech Spin at 9 Campuses

    Residents at nine universities can now check washer and dryer availability from the Web with installations of eSuds to their dorm laundry facilities. eSuds enables students to check machine availability and the status of their laundry over the Internet. They can also pay for the wash and dry cycles with their student ID cards or debit or credit cards. Users automatically receive an e-mail, page, or wireless message when the wash and dry cycles are complete.More
  • Embarcadero Releases CodeGear RAD Studio 2009

    Embarcadero Technologies' acquisition of CodeGear from Borland Software Corp. last year has borne fruit in the form of a newly released rapid application development (RAD) tool. More
  • Key Technology Introduced in Hyper-V

    The beta release of the update to Windows Server 2008 will be of special interest to those who work with virtualization, as it unveils a key technology long-promised by Microsoft.More
  • George Mason U To Implement Hobsons CRM Software

    George Mason University will be working with Hobsons Enrollment Management Technology (EMT) to provide integrated enrollment in its undergraduate and graduate programs. Mason will be deploying Hobsons' EMT Connect Admissions CRM recruitment and enrollment software, as well as EMT ApplyYourself, an online application system.More