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  • Johns Hopkins Puts Expertise Online Publicly with Collexis

    Johns Hopkins University has put its Collexis Holdings Expertise Portal online as a public Web site where individuals can search, sort, and view compiled views of the research conducted by the university and its faculty. Collexis Holdings develops semantic search and knowledge discovery software.More
  • Allegheny College Student Helps Synagogue Become Carbon-Neutral

    An Allegheny College student's senior project has resulted in what is believed to be the first carbon-neutral synagogue in the country.More
  • Sun Releases JavaFX Mobile

    The battle for mindshare of rich interactive application (RIA) developers took a step forward last week as Sun Microsystems released a followup to its recently released JavaFX platform with its anticipated mobile edition.More
  • Moonlight 1.0 Ships

    Novell has released its widely anticipated Moonlight 1.0, a plugin based on Microsoft's Silverlight 1.0 rich interactive application (RIA) runtime.More
  • U Dayton Researcher Finds a Cheaper Way To Make Longer-Lasting Fuel Cells

    Researchers at the University of Dayton have developed a more efficient fuel cell that can be affordably mass produced. Led by Liming Dai, endowed chair in nanomaterials at the university's Wright Brothers Institute in the department of Chemical & Materials Engineering, scientists have found that carbon nanotubes containing nitrogen are cheaper and work better than platinum in providing long-term fuel cell power. Science Magazine recently published the findings.More
  • U Texas at Austin Outfits Genome Sequencing Facility with Applied Biosystems Machine

    The College of Natural Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin will be adding the Solid System from Applied Biosystems for genomic analysis as part of its new Genome Sequencing and Analysis Facility. The new instrument will allow researchers to expand their studies to rapidly catalog large genomes and perform a variety of applications that include transcriptome analysis and targeted resequencing, among others.More
  • UK's Mimas Chooses Autonomy To Power Pioneering Research Portal

    Mimas, a national data center that provides the UK higher education, continuing education, and research communities with access to information resources, has selected the Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) Server from Autonomy to power its search and discovery infrastructure for use by academic and research communities. More
  • U.S. Army Re-ups with $50 million Flexible Display Center Contract at Arizona State

    Arizona State University (ASU) announced that the United States Army has committed to sponsor an additional five years of research and development at ASU's Flexible Display Center.More