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  • Bennington College Implements Yield Optimization Software

    Bennington College in Vermont has selected Rapid Insight as its analytic software provider. Bennington plans to start off by using Rapid Insight's new software, Yield Optimization, to improve recruiting cost effectiveness and to optimize applicant yield rates from prospect and inquiry pools.More
  • MIT Speeds Health Work in Project that Uses PDAs To Track TB Data

    An MIT graduate student has introduced personal digital assistants (PDAs) into the process of tracking tuberculosis patient care data, saving healthcare workers time and money. Joaquin Blaya started the project after taking a year off during his graduate studies to return to Chile, where he was born.More
  • Polish University Centralizes Campus Wireless with Meru Equipment

    Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland is replacing stand-alone wireless access points(APs) on its campus with a centrally controlled wireless network. Theuniversity, known in Polish as Uniwersytet Miko_aja Kopernika (UMK), is usingequipment Meru Networks to provide secure wireless Internet access. More
  • SnapStream Shrinks Media Search Appliance

    SnapStream Media has introduced a smaller version of its television capture and search appliance for education, the SnapStream Mini. It's expected to ship by the end of March.More