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  • Syracuse U Students to Gain Mainframe Experience with IBM Donation

    Syracuse University students will gain mainframe experience on IBM gear as part of a multimillion dollar investment from IBM. The company has donated a System z10 to the New York school as well as software to the university's iSchool, the School of Information Studies.More
  • Sacramento State Converts 3 Million Documents

    California State University, Sacramento is knee-deep into a multi-million document conversion project.More
  • 2 North Carolina Universities Partner on ERP Projects

    CIOs at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University are teaming up to implement new versions of the human resources and finance components of their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.More
  • U Pittsburgh Receives IBM HPC Node for Biology Modeling Work

    The University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania has received an infusion of high performance computing technology from IBM for its intensive studies in biology. The university's McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, which brings together scientists studying tissue engineering, cell therapies, and artificial organs and "biodevices," received an IBM research award for its "in silico" work, which uses computer simulations to explore biological pathways and test therapeutic interventions.More