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  • Oregon Colleges Implement Online Teacher Evaluations

    Oregon State University, University of Oregon, Southern Oregon University, Mt. Hood Community College, and Rogue Community College are all moving to What-Do-You-Think? Web-based evaluations.

  • Teaching with the Cloud

    All educators today, but especially those in post-secondary roles, need to learn how to make the most of cloud-based resources in their teaching practices, according to education consultant John Kuglin.

  • CT 2011, Day 1: Technology News from the Show Floor

    Highlights of new products, partnerships, and other higher education technology news coming out of the Campus Technology 2011 conference.

  • Notre Dame Receives Free 10 kW Solar Array

    A flexible thin-film solar array and monitoring system has been installed on the rooftop of the University of Notre Dame's Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering at no cost to the university.

  • There's a Tatt for That

    Researchers at Northeastern University have come up with a way to measure sodium and glucose levels in the blood that combines the iPhone with fluorescing nanoparticle tattoos.


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