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  • Hot Mobile Technology for Budget-Conscious Institutions
    Sponsored by: Dell
    Find the perfect laptop model that fits your needs at our Resource Center for Laptops for Higher Education. Learn how you can display presentations on-the-go, keep small groups connected, and get more done anytime, anywhere.

  • Clickers in Classrooms: Implement an Active Learning Approach
    Sponsored by: iClicker
    The University of Delaware created a technology engagement revolution on their campus with the adoption of clickers, a student response system, that resulted in improved learning outcomes and increased student engagement. Learn how you can implement an active learning approach on your campus.

  • Remote Proctoring Technology
    Sponsored by: Software Secure
    How online degree programs are tackling credibility issues.

  • 2 Campuses Share How VDI Cut Costs and More
    Sponsored by: Unidesk
    Massachusetts Maritime Academy and the University of Connecticut discuss their successful VDI strategies along with key business drivers, technology choices, implementation results, and how they sold VDI internally.

  • Cost-Cutting Opportunities Campus Admins Forget About
    Sponsored by: Nuance
    How one college cut costs and improved efficiency without negatively affecting educational programs.