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  • 3 D.C.-Based Institutions Partner on Nation's Largest Power Purchase Agreement

    George Washington University, the American University and George Washington University Hospital have joined forces to launch a sustainable energy project that will bring 52 megawatts of solar power from North Carolina to the Washington, D.C.-based institutions.

  • 4 Universities Receive Electric Vehicles for Internet of Things Research

    This summer, Colorado State University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Washington and the University of Wisconsin-Madison will each receive four electric vehicles for a variety of sustainable research projects, including reducing the campus's carbon footprint; using vehicle sensor data; and broadening the understanding of the Internet of Things.

  • Mobile Application Management To Supplant Mobile Device Management

    As BYOD continues to gain traction, enterprise mobile device management is being pushed aside in favor of more user-centric mobile application management (MAM). According to a new report, MAM — which itself comes in a variety of forms — will overtake MDM as the dominant mobile management mode within the next five years.


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