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  • Why Wikis?

    Most Web 2.0 tools are discussed at length in terms of their application to the learning process. While there is much that can be learned from using these tools in instruction, there are also principles upon which that use rests that have long been the goals of instruction at various levels. In other words, while the tools may change, the goals of teaching and learning remain much the same.More

News & Product Updates

  • Google Earth 5 Beta Takes Users into Space, Under the Seas

    Google has released the Google Earth 5 beta, a major update to its geographical exploration software. The new release adds the ability to explore below the oceans and also incorporates features for exploring portions of the surface of Mars. More
  • Santa Clara Recruits Law School Applicants via Avatar

    Santa Clara University School of Law hosted a workshop in virtual world Second Life to help prospective students learn about applying to the law school. Posing as her own self-created avatar, "Penny Canucci," Law School Dean of Admissions Jeanette Leach welcomed visitors to an open-air seating area on "Santa Clara Island," where they could view a video from Law Dean Donald Polden (appearing in real-life video footage, not as an avatar), pose questions, and chat with each other.More
  • InFocus Adds DisplayLink Support for Mac

    InFocus announced Wednesday that it's adding Mac support to its line of DisplayLink-enabled projectors. The new driver is available now to support existing InFocus projectors on the Mac, and a new InFocus DisplayLink projector with built-in Mac support is slated to ship next month.More
  • Lumens Intros 1080p Visual Presenter

    Lumens Integration has introduced an HD-capable model in its lineup of desktop visual presenters designed for classroom use. The new unit, the PS660, offers 1080p output and comes in at less than $2,000.More
  • Roosevelt U Moves Collections onto New Archival Management System

    Roosevelt University has implemented STAR/Archives from Cuadra Associates as its archival collections management solution. The collection includes letters, photos, and other historical documents.More
  • Sanyo Launches Dual-Lamp LCD Projector

    Sanyo has debuted the PLC-XTC50L, a high-light-output 3LCD projector with a new dual-lamp selection system for automated lamp management.More