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  • Designing an Audiovisual System from the Ground Up

    Selecting audiovisual systems is seldom easy for higher education institutions. Determining who needs to do what, where they need to do it, how to make it happen, and how not to spend a fortune doing it require a lot of know-how and planning. Designing a brand new building complicates matters further. Yet a new build also brings opportunities to get the most out of the audiovisual systems.More

News & Product Updates

  • Mitsubishi Launches High Light Output SVGA+ LCD Projector

    Mitsubishi this week introduced its new HL2750U, an LCD-based SVGA+ projector with a light output greater than 3,000 ANSI lumens. It also introduced a DICOM-simulated version of the projector for medical education and training, the MH2850U.More
  • Oxford University Press Workforce Gets More Efficient with RedPrairie App

    Oxford University Press (OUP), a major academic publishing house and the world's largest university press, has released results from its use of a workforce management application from RedPrairie in its UK warehouse in order to increase its service capacity.More
  • Santa Clara U Adds Screen Time with Digital Signage

    Santa Clara University has adopted Cisco Digital Media System digital signage to communicate information about events, class updates, and safety concerns to the campus community in real time.More
  • Sanyo Intros 1080p DLP Projector

    Sanyo has introduced a new model in its lineup of HD digital projectors, the PDG-DHT100L. The new single-chip DLP projector offers a 1080p resolution, high contrast ratio, and high light output, along with an optional optical HD data wireless transmitter.More