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  • Creating Your Institution's Mobile Learning Strategy

    When Northeastern University decided to expand its mobile applications to allow students, faculty, and staff to stay much better connected to the university, Alicia Russell, director of Northeastern's Educational Technology Center, considered ways to facilitate faculty members' use of mobile technologies and applications in teaching. Russell and other EdTech Center staff created a mobile learning strategy that would encourage faculty to go beyond simple apps for e-mail and games and explore the wide array of possibilities for integrating mobile technologies into their classes.


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  • The Impact of 3D Technology in Education
    Sponsored by: XPand
    This free white paper share results of studies conducted among schools incorporating 3D curriculum in education; explains the positive outcomes 3D technology generates like, high retention rates and student excitement; and provides instruction on how easy it is to implement 3D in the classroom.

  • Using Video & Multimedia to Improve Student Engagement
    Sponsored by: GovConnection
    Learn how educators are using video, whiteboards, online conferencing, and other new media can enhance and improve your lessons.

  • 5 Easy Steps - Conquer Your Fear of Teaching on Camera
    Sponsored by: Sonic Foundry
    When lecture capture came to the University of Wisconsin- Marinette, Dr. Jennifer Flatt was intimidated at the thought of teaching on camera. Learn how to deal with your fear of teaching on camera and enhance learning for both faculty and students with lecture capture.

  • Are You Using the Right Laptop?
    Sponsored by: Dell
    Are you as concerned with the security and mobility of your laptop as with high-performance? With the right laptop, you don't have to sacrifice mobility for performance, or security for durability. Are you looking for the right laptop? To find the model for your needs, visit the Dell Resource Center for Laptops for Higher Education.

  • A Migration Plan to Windows 7
    Sponsored by: Dell
    Develop an action plan for migrating to Windows 7. Find out what you need to know about migrating to Windows 7—including key issues and benefits—and get a step-by-step plan for a seamless deployment.