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  • Monitoring the PACE of Student Learning: Analytics at Rio Salado College

    At Rio Salado College, where all 41,000-plus students attend classes online, identifying at-risk students is a key component of the institution's efforts to help non-traditional students meet their goals. Rio Salado is in the process of rolling out a new homegrown learning analytics system to do just that. The college is also collaborating with outside institutions to help develop better data models to help fine-tune that effort.

  • California Wants To Legislate Use of Digital College Textbooks

    California's Senate is pondering legislation to mandate the development of digital textbooks in order to save college students money. A new bill proposes that the state invest $25 million to create 50 new textbooks, which would be made available free to students in digital form or would cost $20 each in printed form.


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  • New Ways to Utilize a Learning Management System
    Sponsored by: CampusCruiser
    Maximize the capabilities of your institution's learning management system (LMS) and provide students with easy, one-stop access to grades, discussion groups, and assignments, and faculty and administrators with increased efficiency through faculty workstations, flexible course templates, content migration, and multimedia publishing.

  • Learn What Content Mgmt Can Do For the Advancement Office
    Sponsored by: Perceptive Software
    Overcome workflow challenges and provide easy access to documents and important information about donors and prospects with an enterprise content management (ECM) system.

  • A Migration Plan to Windows 7
    Sponsored by: Dell
    Develop an action plan for migrating to Windows 7. Find out what you need to know about migrating to Windows 7--including key issues and benefits--and get a step-by-step plan for a seamless deployment.