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  • Response to Nicholas Carr's "Is Google Making Us Stupid?"

    Academics sometimes express concern or nervousness over how commonly used technologies like the Web, the Internet, and social software may affect information habits and even the way net-gen students read, write, think, and learn. In a 2008 Atlantic article Nicholas Carr came right out and asked, "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" Here, Web 2.0 editor Trent Batson responds to the question.More

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News and Products

  • Blackboard Teams with Acxiom To Deliver Student Identity Verification

    Blackboard and Acxiom have teamed up to authenticate the identities of distance learning students. Acxiom will make its Risk Identification Suite, prevalent in authenticating online banking transactions, available to Blackboard clients to verify the identity of distance learning students.More
  • DormNoise Helps College Students Plan Events and Manage Calendars

    DormNoise has released a free Web service that provides calendaring and event planning for college students and student groups in North America. The service, also named DormNoise, provides a central location on the Web for students to manage their personal, student group, and campus schedules. The program was developed by 20-year-old University of Pennsylvania sophomore Jay Rodrigues.More
  • Northwest and McGraw-Hill Conduct Major eBook Trial

    A large public university e-text research trial is currently being conducted by Northwest Missouri State University and McGraw-Hill Education. The purpose of the test is to examine the potential for replacing students' printed textbooks with electronic versions.More
  • U Texas Health Science Center To Manage Space Use with Web based Service

    The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio has selected an application from FM:Systems to improve space tracking and to reassign and reorganize underused space.More