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  • Concourse Syllabus Builder on the Web

    Faculty can use Concourse to create, update, and share a syllabus on the Web.More
  • Wilkes U Launches Master's Degree in Online Teaching

    Wilkes University School of Education has introduced a new online master's degree program in online teaching. The program, which launches this summer, is for educators and other professionals who wish to use technology for training and instruction over the Internet.More
  • 4 Michigan Universities Sign On with ConnectEDU To Streamline Admissions

    Four Michigan public universities have joined the ConnectEDU network. According to the company, 40 percent of college- bound seniors and 14 of the 15 public universities in the state are providing Connect, which puts high school students and their families in touch with college admissions offices and helps school counselors manage and track the application process for their students.More
  • Louisiana State Continuing Ed To Manage Programs with Jenzabar Software

    Louisiana State University Continuing Education has selected Jenzabar Non-Traditional System (Jenzabar NTS) to consolidate various departmental administrative systems and to analyze student data for a better understanding of the university's non-traditional students.More
  • Tulsa Community College Taps Starfish To Monitor for Students in Need

    Tulsa Community College has selected Early Alert and Connect from Starfish Retention Solutions to enable the college to identify at-risk students in real time. The system will help campus staff to connect those students with support resources such as an academic advisor, dean of students, healthcare personnel, and other services that can assist the student when help is needed.More