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The Buzz

  • Horns of the Dilemma for Faculty: Legacy Demands and Technology Expectations

    Amidst the Web 2.0 tsunami, life on campus goes on as normal. Faculty members are still expected to publish in traditional journals, still expected to meet their classes in rooms equipped with chalkboards and designed for lectures, and still expected by their students to tell them what they should know so they can write it on paper during a test. Where's the tsunami?More

News and Products

  • High Tech Law Institute Remembers 100th Anniversary of 1909 US Copyright Act

    At Santa Clara University, Santa Clara Law's High Tech Law Institute (HTLI) sponsored a booked-to-capacity conference to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the repealed 1909 Copyright Act. More
  • Startup Eucalyptus Debuts with Hybrid Cloud Services

    A research project born at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) this week jumped into the field of startups looking to offer cloud-based computing with an offering that bridges datacenters with public cloud services.More
  • Struggling Morris Brown College Takes Courses Online

    Atlanta-based Morris Brown College is partnering with Education Online Services to convert courses currently offered only on campus to be offered online as well. In addition, Education Online is customizing new course offerings and an online student information and management system as well as supplying online tutoring services.More
  • Web Analytics Sharpen University's Marketing Buys

    Being on television doubles visits to the school's Web site, Seton Hall University recently learned. That nugget of knowledge came via a Web analytics tool that Seton Hall is using to better tease out the complex patterns hidden in visits to its public-facing Web site. That information, in turn, is helping the university to better target its marketing dollars.More
  • Microsoft Testing Cloud-Based Data Sharing

    Microsoft announced last week that it is seeking customers willing to test their databases in a cloud-based data connectivity project.More