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  • Why Do We Assess?

    Just buying an ePortfolio system doesn't guarantee you're going to get the most out of assessment. Better assessment isn't automatically achieved by using new digital methods--it will probably take another approach to assessment as well. The place to start reassessing your assessment strategies may be in trying to capture what learning means to the students.More

News and Products

  • Social Networking Site Focuses on Teaching Strategies

    A new social learning site has launched, one that's focused on sharing teaching strategies and other ideas surrounding the use of interactive classroom response systems.More
  • Oregon Community Colleges Adopt Streaming Media

    The 17 community colleges of Oregon have selected the Intelecom Online Resources Network to enhance learning in online and campus classes with instructional video.More
  • Eastern Michigan U Mashup Maps Campus Crime

    Eastern Michigan University and the City of Ypsilanti in Michigan are partnering to create a mapping and tracking system for area crime. The team, which consists of EMU's Institute for Geospatial Research, EMU's Department of Public Safety, and the Ypsilanti Police Department, have developed a Google mashup to provide users with a visual representation of where crime is occurring by adding markers to a map of the campus and the city.More
  • Oxford U Teams with Ideate on Research Management Apps

    Oxford University said it will be working with a new research management framework developed by Ideate. Oxford selected the company as its development partner to build a budgeting tool called the Costing and Pricing System, a successor to Resolve, a 20-year old legacy desktop application. The application will be rolled out university-wide.More
  • Wharton Financial Crisis Course Reaches 50,000 with Streaming Media

    The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania recently used Sonic Foundry's Mediasite to deliver an online course on the global financial crisis, which has been viewed by 50,000 students, alumni, and members of the public worldwide.More
  • Iowa State Gets Virtual Reality Platform Partner

    For the next two years students at the Virtual Reality Applications Center (VRAC) at Iowa State University will be working with virtual reality software from ICIDO. VRAC is an interdisciplinary research center focusing on the interface between humans and computers.More