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The Buzz

  • Reviewers Unhappy with Portfolio 'Stuff' Demand Evidence

    Evidence-based learning concepts can help re-frame the portfolio process so that ePortfolios will become more useful assessment tools, both for demonstrating individual student achievement and for institutional and program evaluation or accreditation review.


News and Products

  • OpenOffice Foundation Splits from Oracle

    The community of volunteers that developed the OpenOffice.org project have split off from Oracle and formed a new structure called The Document Foundation.

  • Purdue Students Hook into Facebook for Study Groups

    A team at Purdue University has developed a new application that lets its students create online study groups and participate in them within Facebook.

  • New Search Engine Tackles Contextual Discovery

    Research between the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland and the St. Petersburg State University in Russia has resulted in the commercial launch of a new search engine that its developers say more closely works like the human mind in how it locates information.

  • McGraw-Hill Education Buys Lecture Capture Company Tegrity

    McGraw-Hill Education has just acquired Tegrity, a privately held company that provides a product for lecture capture. Tegrity's Campus technology has been a part of Connect, the larger company's Web-based online learning assignment and assessment platform for colleges and universities, which was launched in fall 2009.