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The Buzz

  • The Myth of eLearning: There Is No 'There' There

    An overly simplistic view of teaching and learning as classroom-centric, "delivered" education may have resulted, in the past, in an overly simplistic view of eLearning as well. But now, there is a shift from classroom-centric thinking to a more holistic, multi-dimensional viewpoint and a greater emphasis on experiential learning.


News and Products

  • Blackboard Buys Higher Ed Support Firm Presidium

    Blackboard is expanding its footprint in the services and support arena with the purchase of Presidium, a company that provides call center support services to hundreds of higher education clients.

  • Boston U Goes Online for Donor Management

    Boston University is employing a Web-based application from Blackbaud to support a major fundraising effort.

  • Georgia Tech Center To Explore 21st Century Universities

    The Georgia Institute of Technology is setting up a new center specifically to serve as a living laboratory for testing new forms of education.

  • Iowa's Buena Vista U Rolls Out iPad Pilot

    Buena Vista University will be experimenting with Apple iPads during the spring 2011 semester. The university, located in Storm Lake, IA, has about 1,100 students. The iPad pilot program is a part of an ongoing research project to evaluate the use of e-readers to support student learning.

  • UCLA Nursing Students Add iPods to Training

    Nursing students at the University of California, Los Angeles have added a new ritual to their move out of preclinical studies and into clinical health sciences. Traditionally, the students in the UCLA School of Nursing are donned in white coats as part of a transition ceremony. But the event in December 2010 added a new high-tech touch. Each also received an iPod touch.

  • Live@edu Gaining Higher Ed Traction

    Microsoft's Live@edu software has gained 4 million new student users over the last three months around the world.

  • Microsoft Samsung Unveil 40 Inch Tabletop LCD Touch Panel

    At the 20ll International CES conference in Las Vegas, Microsoft and Samsung debuted the product of a joint venture, a large screen touch computer with the ability to recognize more than 50 touch inputs simultaneously.

  • i>clicker2 Adds LCD Screen, Alphanumeric Input

    Macmillan has debuted an updated version of its student response system, the i>clicker2. According to the company, the current version is in use at 900 academic institutions in North America. The new version is currently in beta and is expected to roll out in the fall.