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Trends and Analysis in Higher Education Technology 1/10/2020


  • 5 Proven Ways to Make Your Good Online Course Great

    Recent research uncovered just a handful of distinct elements that set great online teaching apart from the merely good. The findings came out of interviews with eight faculty members who have won awards for their online teaching from three professional associations: the Online Learning Consortium, the Association for Educational Communications & Technology and the United States Distance Learning Association.

  • Why We Are Using Blockchain for Digital Credentialing

    East Coast Polytechnic Institute is giving students full control over their academic records with blockchain-enabled digital credentials that are sharable and verifiable anywhere in the world.  

  • Is Your ERP Platform Burning?

    As legacy ERP solutions begin to show their age, the difference between "cloud-enabled" and "cloud-native" software is becoming a flash point for many higher education institutions.

  • Digital Transformation: A Focus on Creativity, Not Tools

    Veteran education technologist Ellen Wagner examines a point that is too often missing from discussions of "digital transformation".

  • Interdisciplinary 3D Printing Project Has Real-World Impact

    At Louisiana State University, an undergraduate student used 3D printing and a lot of ingenuity to create the first personalized human model for cancer research.



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