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Trends and Analysis in Higher Education Technology 3/6/2020


  • Adding Escape Rooms to Your Online Course

    A virtual version of the escape room concept is engaging students at Northampton Community College. Here's how the setup works.

  • 6 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2020

    This year's top issues in education technology reflect the bigger picture of a student's pathway from individual course all the way to graduation and career.

  • 8 Tips for More Professional Education Videos

    Want to improve your course videos? A video producer at Miami University shares her expert advice.

  • 9 Resources for When Coronavirus Moves Your Course Online

    As universities in China move courses online to serve students remotely in the face of COVID-19 lockdowns, instructors are rushing to modify their pedagogy and incorporate digital teaching tools. To help ease that transition, we've gathered our top stories on online teaching and instructional design, chock full of tips and best practices from the trenches.

  • 8 Steps to Running a Great Hackathon

    Hackathons can inspire innovation, create a sense of community, teach computer science skills and prepare students to become digital leaders of the future. Here's how to put together a successful event on campus.



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