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Trends and Analysis in Higher Education Technology 12/4/2020


  • Podcast: How Oregon State Uses Tech and Ingenuity to Engage Physics Students Remotely

    Last fall, Oregon State University launched an Ecampus online program for its introductory physics courses, with an emphasis on collaborative, hands-on work. In this episode of the Campus Technology Insider podcast, Senior Physics Instructor KC Walsh and Associate Department Head David Craig talk about how they’ve used technology, open educational resources, take-home lab kits and more to engage students from a distance.

  • 7 Ways to Show Students You Care

    This Pennsylvania community college uses a combination of fun, funding and informing to keep their learners in the fold.

  • 3 Ways to Serve Students in a Completely Virtual Environment

    For colleges and universities that have pivoted to remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, the evolution is not over. In order to better meet student needs both today and in the future, here are three key considerations.

  • A Hub for Sharing and a Platform for Research

    During the past few months, higher education institutions have had an urgent need to respond to the challenges of a pandemic and reconfigure learning spaces quickly with very little room for trial and error. has proven to be both a hub for sharing what works and a platform for longer-term research on important questions that impact the future.

  • Teaching Innovation by Tackling Wicked Problems

    James Madison University's X-Labs projects draw undergraduates and faculty into a tight circle to confront really big challenges.

  • Podcast Bonus: How the Pandemic Gave IT a Seat at the Table

    For information technology leaders in higher education, one silver lining of the pandemic has been the opportunity it has given IT to shine at a strategic level. In this bonus episode of the podcast, university CIOs Jill Albin-Hill and Paige Francis share how they have been able to get involved in pandemic response planning, fast-track IT projects, provide critical solutions to campus challenges, elevate the position of IT within institutional leadership, and more.



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