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Trends and Analysis in Higher Education Technology 8/6/2021


  • The Science of Studying Student Learning at Scale

    A team from Indiana University set out to expand the scope of pedagogical research by creating ManyClasses, a model for studying how students learn not just in a single classroom, but in a variety of different classes across multiple universities. We speak with researchers Emily Fyfe and Ben Motz about how ManyClasses works, the challenges of using a learning management system to conduct research, what they learned from the first ManyClasses experiment, and more.


Join us to learn how to virtualize your computer lab

Higher education institutions are reimagining campus spaces. One innovation making this possible is the streaming of complex programs like AutoCAD and Adobe Creative Suite to any device. Join us for a 30-minute discussion of how your peer institutions are using the cloud to enable anytime, anywhere software access for students. Register now:


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