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Trends and Analysis in Higher Education Technology 4/1/2022


  • From Instructional Design to Learning Experience Design: Understanding the Whole Student

    These days, we hear a lot about the "new normal" in higher education. Remote and hybrid learning is here to stay, offering students more flexibility in their learning journeys. But what if the new normal is not enough? We spoke to Mark Milliron, senior vice president of Western Governors University and executive dean of the Teachers College, and Kim Round, academic programs director and associate dean of the Teachers College, about their vision for reimagining education and why learning experience design is essential to student success.


  • Building a Culture of Innovation

    Digital transformation is not just about implementing new technologies — it's also about people and the ability to embrace change. In fact, you might say that's the hardest part: Culture is often cited as one of the biggest barriers to digital transformation in higher ed. In February, our Campus Technology Leadership Summit tackled that very topic with a panel discussion on building innovation into the culture of a university. Here's that conversation.

  • What Is Learning Loss in the Wake of the Pandemic?

    CT talks with Ellen Wagner to learn about approaches to defining, measuring, and mitigating learning loss.



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