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Learning Occurs Anytime, Anywhere…and Your Network Should Be There Too

What does it mean to educate tomorrow’s citizens? Today’s tech-savvy world demands students and educators leverage every learning opportunity that comes their way, using available technology to access information no matter where or when learning occurs. Supporting this education-rich environment can be complicated, especially when openness, mobility, convergence, scalability, interoperability and security are required from your network. When you add such stakeholder needs as disaster planning and recovery, emergency notification, flexible learning, collaboration capabilities as well as effective use of technology in the classroom, you’ve got a worthwhile challenge to find an all-in-one network solution.

As the world’s fastest growing networking company and the world’s second-largest networking manufacturer, HP ProCurve Networking solutions can connect your entire higher education community—both within and outside your walls—to help you meet your objectives in an end-to-end solution from one vendor. Take a look at our portfolio of ProCurve Networking services:

Staying Ahead of the Curve—Interoperability or Migration, It’s Your Choice!

ProCurve delivers flexible, scalable, standards-based solutions that allow colleges and higher education institutions to plan for growth, expansion and relocation of resources while ensuring unified security across all communication platforms—and do so without specialized training for your IT staff. >>Learn more

IT Assets and Hardware for the Campus Enterprise

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A Mobile Network of Choice--Unified Mobility for Higher Education

HP ProCurve Networking’s Unified Mobility provides computing freedom through security, easy deployment, connection reliability, high quality service and easy management of the campus mobile infrastructure. With an adaptive network, a wireless LAN system and standalone access and secure access replacements, ProCurve Networking’s Unified Mobility provides a comprehensive Wireless LAN solution structured to accommodate the diverse needs of the 21st century college campus. >>Learn more

ProActive Defense—From Reactive to ProActive

HP ProCurve Networking ProActive Defense meets higher education’s security needs for openness, mobility and convergence with a single unified solution. This easy-to-manage comprehensive security solution provides an all encompassing secure network infrastructure that maintains data integrity while remaining immune to threats. >>Learn more

ProCurve Security Framework—Security at the Edge

With ProCurve Security Framework, colleges and universities benefit from an affordable, versatile solution that is easy to manage. You’ll find unmatched protection in the four vital areas of network security: infrastructure, access, availability and privacy, ensuring your secure, dependable and resilient network remains available even when under attack and stays protected against malfunctions and malicious agents. >>Learn more

Discover the power of HP ProCurve Networking solutions to lead your campus network into the 21st Century.