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Apple Native Security for Higher Education Institutions: White Paper

Higher education information security is a never-ending battle against constantly evolving threats. Attackers are increasingly sophisticated and their attack vectors are always changing. The threat landscape is expanding, with new devices joining higher education institution networks every day. One solution to this security challenge is to embrace the Apple platform and take advantage of the native Apple security frameworks. For universities and colleges around the world, this allows for good device security without compromising on user experience. In this Enterprise Brief, we explain why Apple is the smart choice for higher education institutions tasked with securing data and delivering end-user satisfaction.

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Best-of-Breed Higher Education Mac Management : White Paper

In this white paper, we walk you through why a best-of-breed solution (vs. a multi-platform or single-console tool) is the smartest way to manage Mac in your higher education institution.

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Mac OS X Security Checklist for Higher Ed: White Paper

Universities and colleges have copious amounts of data to protect. Using best practices for securing devices on campus is critical. The Mac OS X Security Checklist was developed in conjunction with the CIS benchmark for OS X, which is widely regarded as a comprehensive checklist for organizations to follow to secure their macs. This white paper will show you how to implement CIS recommendations.

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Classroom to Career: 3D Printing Helps Students Make the Leap: White Paper

There are many exciting and innovative ways in which higher education is using 3D printing. It can make the choice of institution difficult for prospective students. Download this exclusive GameChanger to learn just a few ways universities are using 3D printing in cost-effective and clever ways to teach career skills in the classroom.